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Lee NAACP president says he’s getting violent threats after confederate statue comments

Posted: Jul 18, 2015 7:30 PM EDT

Updated: Jul 18, 2015 7:40 PM EDT


The vote is unanimous.

The Lee County branch of the NAACP has gotten the support of its members to call for the removal of the Confederate uniform in the county commission chambers. 


For now, Lee County's most controversial portrait of General Robert E. Lee is still prominently in the Lee County Commission Chambers. 

On Saturday, we're hearing from people upset with the decision to keep it up. 

Chairman of the Economic Development Kennix Roy says, "What kind of impact our youngsters have when they go to the courthouse, and they see that symbol of [a] racist leader there in a public facility?  She shouldn't have to apologize for saying take it down." 

Other people in the community say it doesn't matter if the portrait of General Lee stays or goes. 

Dunbar resident Valerie Hamilton recently lost two nephews to gun violence.  She says there are bigger issues in the community. 

"The minorities in our community, we know the pain and whatever the Confederate flag or Robert E. Lee portrait is doing. At this time, we need to be focusing on more bigger issues in our community," said Hamilton.

Rather than calling for the complete removal of the portrait, NAACP members voted to remove Lee's Confederate uniform.

After getting approval from NAACP national, the local branch plans on sending a letter to Lee County commissioners asking them to act on their request for change.   

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