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The battery was absolutely brilliant. Camera was great. The only issue I had was call recordings - they weren't very loud which I found strange because loud speaker was always good on the phone. I've dropped it a few times over the course of the last 18 months, but dropped it on its side the other week and now Now I'm back to using the phone with the terribl Samsung is well known for its top of the range phones.

Samsung is undoubtedly the best for its note 8,9 etc. But this A5 is certainly not top of the range. This phone is catered for mid market obvious from the price range. With a very low usage, I don't have problem with this phone.

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The phone itself does not look as solid as note 8, etc. But for a backup phone, who cares.

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For those who don't like Chinese brands like oppo, huawei, x Purchased this mobile from the Vodafone store on prepaid. Needed this phone in a rush however was let down by the constant dropping in call frequency and the lagging on this particular device. Was expecting that because I was purchasing a Samsung I would be receiving a quality device, however this was not the case. Rather a nokia instead.

We're sorry to hear about your experience with the A5, Andre.

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This sounds like something our techs can look into and assist you with. You can always visit a service centre, and our friendly technician The camera sometimes doesn't work like doesn't load and the battery life is shocking. I have had many times where I really needed to use a camera and call someone but it just turns off and resets itself even with fifty per cent battery life. Really regret having this phone. Hi Jen, I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with your device, our technicians at your nearest service centre will be able to assist further.

Book an appointment here I have no complain about the phone until I got a notification to unplug my charger because of moisture on the USB port. My phone has not got in contact with any liquid or water at all. I just used it for messaging and calling.

No games. Try to dry it for half a day. Turn off the phone and it did charge. Was able to use it for awhile. The notification sign on top of the screen came up again. Rang up Samsung support. She took me step by step to delete the notification. Last step was to turn it off and the phone won't turn on again. Now, Samsung t Hi Bill, I understand this must be a frustrating situation for you and we do apologise for any inconvenience caused, however as liquid damage is not covered under warranty, we are unable to repair thi I think I have done all the right thing to take care of my device.

It didn't get in contact with any liquid or water at any time.

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I suppose I wasn't the first one to complain about this defect on A5. Surely something must be wrong with your phone. My family this phone after looking for a more affordable smartphone for my mum, as the highest specs weren't particularly important to her. She's had her phone for a few months now after upgrading from a Samsung S4 and feels content with what the phone does.

It's good value for money; the battery life is quite decent, the camera isn't terrible, the phone runs relatively quickly and isn't a fragile build. It's nothing amazing feature-wise but if you're after a phone that will give you the ability to browse the internet, use apps, and do other simple smartphone things without forking out heaps of money then go for it. Great value for the features, robust with a case easy to use and good batter life.

No need to pay for all the bell and whistles when this model does the job!

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Am I sounding like an oldie, maybe I am? Anyways, good screen display, reasonable audio, and seems to handle all the most everyday apps. Please note this review is of the discontinued smaller sized model Galaxy A3.

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The first thing I consider when buying a phone is the size. Most phones these days are so big they don't fit comfortably in hand or pocket. I spent many hours comparing and reading up on the ideal screen size. The Galaxy A3 was the only one that fitted the size and price range I was after. I was pleased with the specs and made the purchase. I also like the nearly infinite number o The A5 was pitched to me as a low-spec phone, lacking the features of the flagship S series.

This, I have realised through using it, is the wrong way to approach it. The A5 consists of all the features that worked in the experimental S series phones, and only lacks all the ones that didn't live up to expectations. It works unobtrusively, whereas my previous phones may have been more feature rich but I mainly noticed those features when they stopped working or got in the way of using the phone.

I went to this from an S6 edge and a string of M As a phone works fine, camera is good, but the USB port lets it down. Had this phone 6 months when it developed a "moisture in USB port" fault that wouldn't go away. Phonecall to Samsung help line ended up with me having to clear the cache. Random moisture in USB port faults got progressively more frequent over the next few months until it could no longer be cleared.

Hi Franc, we are really sorry to hear what's happened and we'd like to get to the bottom of this.

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We have sent you a private message requesting for more information, when you do get a chance, can you This very fragile phone broke in 2 months and left me with 22 months on contract. Highly fragile Cant retrieve any photos or contacts. Never buy one. A piece of crap. A waste of money. A complete scam by Samsung. Sorry to hear this, accidents do happen, please visit one of our service centres, and our technicians can assist further.

I, be got this phone after the Samsung S5,went off, it was under warranty. Seems that this one was introduced to replace the s5 which had a batch issue. Any way, this Galaxy S5 gives me the same features and quality as the S7. Amazing phone great camera and fantastic battery.

I cant connect my phone to my suburu Forrester using the android app. It works on the phone itself but wont display the maps on the cars screen. Hi Judy. Would you be able to confirm if this issue has been occurring since you first paired your Samsung A5 to your car?

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Hi I did a live chat with a samsung rep yesterday and apparently it is my version of android auto that is the problem so it looks like i need to upgrade my phone. Hi there, I currently own a Samsung Galaxy A5 - gold My question is If they do, where can I purchase one in Frankston, Melbourne, Victoria?