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Be careful out there, everyone rocking the new Note 7, might catch fire.

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And posts on Korean social media appeared to corroborate reports. Most showed Note 7 units with severely damaged screens and charging ports. The results of those tests, the company said, were consistent with reports: some Note 7 units could explode while being charged. Out of an abundance of caution, Samsung announced a broad recall on September 2.

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That recall, however, might not be the last we hear of the issue. Finally, Samsung issued a statement saying that production on the phone had been halted and that users should immediately power down their phones. The New York Times suggests that Samsung still does not know what caused issues in the Note 7, and they have been unable to reproduce the problem in tests.

Samsung to hobble Galaxy Note 7 charging in US with software

And it gained market share at the expense of rivals like Apple, nabbing In light of the newest developments, though, some analysts expect a reversal. Singapore Airlines followed suit. In the U.

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Passengers have also been advised not to stow them in their check-in baggage. Even institutions of higher learning are exercising an abundance of caution. The bottom line is, we want it on our campus. Still, it seems to be getting the most attention.

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And worse, Lithium-ion battery fires are difficult to contain. Most electrolytes burn quickly when hit by a fresh supply of air, and when the fire reaches a certain thermal threshold, the materials in the cathode begin to supply oxygen, too. More recently in , car manufacturer Tesla redesigned its cars to better protect the batteries housed within them. Preventing a battery fire is relatively straightforward and, unless you have a phone prone to exploding like the Note 7, you can usually prevent it by taking these steps.

While battery fires are more intense if the battery is fully charged, the capacity of the battery itself in no way impacts its likelihood of explosion. When the initial recall was issued, Samsung found a way to alert customers about whether they had a safe device. New devices featured a green battery icon, while the older, unsafe phones had white ones. Internationally, things are a bit more piecemeal.

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Note 7 owners in South Korea are eligible for a full refund for their device or can exchange it for a new one. All U. You can register your Galaxy Note 7 here for the recall. Article originally published in August The best Apple iPhone deals for March 7 hours ago.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review!

The best gaming tablets for 1 day ago. The best Samsung Galaxy deals for March 2 days ago. The best dating apps for 2 days ago. The best productivity apps for Android and iOS 2 days ago. How to choose a smartphone by brand, carrier, or features 2 days ago. Here are some common Kindle Fire problems, and how to fix them 2 days ago. How to transfer files from Android to your PC 1 day ago. The best Android apps March 1 day ago. The warning, issued in a news release today, came amid recent news that lithium-ion batteries in certain Note7 devices had resulted in fires. In a statement today, Samsung asked owners of the smartphones to exchange them for a loaner phone as it hammers out the terms of the recall.

In the interim, consumers can return their Note7 for another device," said Tim Baxter, the president of Samsung Electronics America. On Thursday the Federal Aviation Administration warned fliers not to put the Note7 smartphone in their checked bags or turn them on or charge them during flights.

The same day, Samsung and fire officials said they would be launching investigations after a Florida family said a Galaxy Note7 exploded in their Jeep on Labor Day, setting the vehicle on fire and destroying it. The family said that the phone had been left charging in the empty vehicle as the engine ran. On Sept.

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  • The move came after several reports that the phones exploded while charging. The tech giant said in a statement last week that there were 35 reported cases of phones with "a battery cell issue" and that it would replace devices that had been purchased. It also said sales of the smartphone would be suspended in 10 countries, including the U. In February the FAA issued a safety alert about lithium-ion batteries, saying airlines that carried the batteries as cargo carried the "risk of a catastrophic hull loss" after they led to fatal fires on Boeing s in and In several fires in the batteries of Boeing s led the FAA to ground the entire Dreamliner fleet.

    American Airlines announced Friday that it will start broadcasting warnings about the Samsung Galaxy Note7 at the gate, and on board flights. The gate announcement will be, "Due to a recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note7, the Federal Aviation Administration advises these devices should be powered off, and not connected to any power source while on board the aircraft. If your bag is checked at the gate, please remove your Galaxy Note7, and place it in your carry-on. Samsung has sold more than 1 million Note7s since the smartphone debuted in August and has manufactured an additional 1.