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Calls and contacts. Apps and media. Connectivity Back to Connectivity. Step 1 of 9 Slide your finger downwards starting from the top of the screen. Step 2 of 9 Press the settings icon. Step 3 of 9 Press Biometrics and security.

Change these settings

Step 4 of 9 Press Location. Step 5 of 9 Press the indicator to turn the function on or off. If you turn on geotagging, your phone can find your position using GPS. If you turn off the function, you can't use any GPS functions on your phone. Step 6 of 9 Press Google Location Accuracy.

3 Ways to Track Samsung Galaxy S10 Live Location

Step 7 of 9 If you press the indicator next to "Improve Location Accuracy" to turn on the function, your phone can find your exact position using the GPS satellites, the mobile network and nearby Wi-Fi networks. Step 8 of 9 If you press the indicator next to "Improve Location Accuracy" to turn off the function, your phone can find your exact position using the GPS satellites but it may take longer as there is no access to supplementary information from the mobile network or nearby Wi-Fi networks. Step 9 of 9 Press the Home key to return to the home screen. Press Location. Dimensions and weight Dimensions Screen and keys Touchscreen Yes Screen size 6.

Operating system Operating system Android 9. Send link. The Galaxy S10 line, of courses, comes with Android Pie out of the box.

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Night mode turns system apps and other areas of the interface black, making it easier to look at your phone's display at night or in dimly lit environments. You can set it to on at all times, or create a schedule for the device to auto-enable Night mode based on your location. We rounded up 12 settings you should take a look at changing after setting up your Galaxy S There's a fancy new gesture navigation feature you'll surely want to take a look at.

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Trust me. You can snooze alerts, removing them from the notification shade for a set amount of time by snoozing them. Slowly swipe in either direction on an alert until you see a settings icon and a bell.

Samsung S10 Plus Call Of Duty Mobile

Tap on the bell, then select the amount of time you want to snooze the alert for. The S10's app-switching interface has been tweaked, with app cards placed horizontally. Tap on the app switcher button to view recently used apps. Force-close an app by swiping up on the preview.

Unlike iOS, you can't swipe on multiple apps at the same time. Thankfully, there's a close all button along the bottom of the screen. Recommended Answer. Hi Mark, and thanks for doing the hard work to uncover what's going on with T-Mobile and Samsung phones! Several other users have reported this problem, and it's good to know that it can be resolved. Original Poster.

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