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After successful connection, the two phones will be displayed on both sides of the screen, while the Meizu Note9 should be on the right. Note: Please ensure that the Android as a resource phone is displayed on the left side of the computer, while the vivo Meizu Note5 as the purpose phone is connected to the right side of the computer. Finally, you can see a list of data in the middle of two mobile phones.

Of course, the connection between the two phones and the computer can not be interrupted during the transfer. Note: To make the transfer smoothly, be sure both of the can not be interrupted during the transfer program. Step 2. Step 3. The Meizu is a device that has already surprised me on several points and the Wifi signal will be another strong point of this device.


Remotely the signal is not bad either but it is just a little better than the others, the difference is not as marked as near the router. For upload speed, as usual, the speed is limited by my ISP. In pedestrian mode, GPS does not artificially correct the signal to make it stick to the road, it has no reference, so you can see the real position.

The orientation of the GPS is defined from the side of the phone, so it must be kept in a horizontal position for the orientation to be correct. The Meizu battery has the same capacity as the Redmi Note 7 battery, so it will be difficult to distinguish them on their capacity. During the first days of using the Meizu, I was surprised to have to recharge my phone before the end of the second day while with the Redmi I arrived without any problem at the end of the second day.

The white line in the middle of the graph is the ideal situation and the other colors come from tests on different phones. A deviation from the reference line indicates a deviation from the ideal situation. To see good sound at all frequencies, it is therefore necessary to get as close as possible to the reference line. Here too, the white curve is used as a reference and therefore the phones must be as close as possible to it.

Noise Level This test aims to identify whether the device under test is capable of reproducing sounds without too much noise. A high score indicates a low parasite rate, a lower score indicates a higher presence of parasites. The Redmi is a good audio device but it is not the best in this segment. The Meizu ranks just below the Redmi Note 7. It has a slightly less powerful sound and the distortion is slightly more pronounced.

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The differences are not very large, but the figures allow me to rank the Redmi Note 7 higher. The Meizu Note 9 is equipped with a Snapdragon processor and an Adreno graphics processor, this combination gives it a significant performance advantage. It is probably the most powerful phone in this price range. On the other hand, performance provides a real benefit for games and heavy applications. Benchmarks Meizu highlights the power of Note 9 as the main argument against the Redmi Note 7 and they are right because the Meizu outperforms the Redmi in every possible way. The biggest difference comes from memory performance, it has always been a weak point with the Xiaomi devices I have tested so far.

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As you can see, the Meizu is able to run the game in advanced graphics mode where the Redmi Note 7 is stuck with the average graphics level. The game is perfectly smooth and does not stutter at all. The Meizu Note 9 is really the most powerful phone in this price range, it outperforms all the other phones I have ever tested. The Meizu Note 9 is equipped with the latest Samsung sensor with 48 Mio pixels, it is exactly the same sensor as the Redmi Note 7, so it will be interesting to see if the processing of the image can make the difference between the 2 cameras.

It offers more or less the same features as on the Redmi but the interface is more refined and easier to use. On the video side, it allows you to do 4k, timelapses, slow motion videos as well as fast motion videos. The application on the Meizu is easier to use than the one on the Redmi. Indoor studio As with the other tests, I started my photo test with a studio test.

This time, it was my 6-year-old son who decided on the layout of the objects and despite his ignorance of colours, he made a good choice because we find the three primary colours. The Samsung offers maximum depth of field and very good quality sharpness but lacks color saturation. The Redmi has a rather limited depth of field, the sharpness is good but the colors are too warm. The Meizu has a better depth of field than the Redmi less good than the Samsung , a good sharpness and a small lack of color saturation but the rendering is more realistic than the Redmi.

I then took pictures in HDR mode on the Meizu and Redmi because they both have the same functionality:. This feature does not improve the picture, on the contrary, we see that the colors on the Meizu are even more distant from reality, the dark blue of the police car turns cyan. You will see the result outdoors later in this test.

Outdoor photography sun For this outdoor test, I applied the same method as for the studio test, I compared the Meizu with the Redmi under the same conditions. The Redmi has smoothed the contours a little too much and I may have made a movement when taking the picture because usually the Redmi does not show this kind of blur. The sharpness is more balanced on both cameras, the Redmi offers a little more saturation but also smoothes the picture a little more and we lose detail compared to the Meizu. It was windy when I took the pictures, so some trees are blurry because of the movement caused by the wind.

Same observation as for the previous photos, the Redmi loses details because of the smoothing and the Meizu loses a little saturation and offers a colder photo. For this outdoor and automatic test, I would say that the Meizu produced better pictures than the Redmi. However, I must point out that I used the devices in automatic mode without changing settings, this is an important element because Redmi proposes to adjust the sharpness and saturation so that the problems reported here disappear.

The Meizu does not offer this type of adjustment. I advise you to check my Redmi Note 7 test to get another idea of the device. Anyway, without adjustments, the treatment of the Meizu is better. Night mode in daylight The Meizu Note 9 is equipped with a night mode and this night mode works quite well in daylight too. I took the same picture in automatic mode, in HDR and finally in night mode. Outdoor photography night The Meizu Note 9 has a night mode and I will start by comparing the night mode with the normal mode. Here is a first picture in normal mode. At this shutter speed, the car in the background of the picture is almost frozen and the picture is generally quite sharp.


With ISO the noise should be high but it is barely visible, which means that the phone is processing. The scene is relatively well lit, so it makes things easier.

Meizu Note 9 review: specs and price

The level of detail is good, you can see the grass in the foreground. On the other hand, the image is burned at the level of the light sources, a halo coats all the strong lights.

The sharpness of the image goes down quite strongly behind the boat, we feel that the phone operates a rather important smoothing beyond this area. The correction of light on the light sources has a negative effect on the rest of the picture because all details are smoothed. Here is another picture in normal mode:. I therefore do not recommend using this night mode.

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If we limit ourselves to the normal mode, the Meizu does well in night photography. Noise management is good, the colours are a little too yellow instead of orange , the level of detail is correct. Meizu Note 9 supports 4k videos from the native application, this is not always the case in this price segment, you usually have to use an application from the Play Store like Open Cam. Default application The default application is the same as for the photo, it is simple and pleasant to use. It is also possible to take accelerated videos as well as slow motion videos as is often the case on Xiaomis.

Normal video Here is a video where I move the camera horizontally around me, the light conditions were very good. The horizontal movement is quite smooth with just an occasional little stutter, the sharpness is good and the colors are richly saturated. We see just a slight lens deformation. For this second video, I walked my usual path to work see my other tests to be able to compare the stabilization with the other phones. The Meizu stabilizes the videos but you can still see the vibration from each steps quite strongly.

To test the screen I use a colorimetric probe that will measure the accuracy of the colors on a screen as well as other parameters to see if a screen is able to accurately reproduce an image. Why is this important? A bad colorimetry will deteriorate the quality of your images, they will sometimes be too bluish or too reddish. How to read this graph?

The inner triangle represents all the colours that can be obtained by mixing red, green and blue. This triangle represents an ideal view. The outer triangle represents the measured view for the phone screen.