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That was not the case with the Cell ID collection, whether or not the data was stored by Google. Topics Android.

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    Turn emergency location service on or off

    I get stations that I passed before. It seems the program designers never use their programs themselves or run a usability test.

    How to Use PanSpy to Track Android Location

    You could also download a Fake GPS and keep a single location on, preferably a few kms away from your house. I've turned off tracking for a long time and turned off all of Google's history for all settings.

    How to Become an ELS Partner

    And this work fine. Yes I allow maps to use the GPS, but not tracking of data. App by app I turn it off as well. No mate, the location services are part of Google play services and they are protected services which automatically restart if you force close them. They run constantly, regardless of your choices for the location settings you can see. Check yourself: turn on developer options, go to 'view and control running services ' - Choose Google play services and you'll find multiple location services you can't stop, can't opt out of etc.

    Regardless of that, Google got fined lots a few years back for secretly compiling lists of all WiFi networks the Street View camera cars could sniff out as they drove along virtually every accessible road in the civilised world.

    Google can still use Bluetooth to track your Android phone when Bluetooth is turned off

    By referencing these lists, they can calculate your location any time WiFi is enabled on your phone. Just to be sure, they even hid another option allowing Google to scan for WiFi networks at any time, even when your WiFi is turned off. Bear in mind that your connection to local cell towers ie your phone connection , the strength of the connection and the fact all phones constantly search for the 2 or strongest cell tower signals it can find, so it lt can automatically connect you to the next best alternative as you move around the world, theoretically making sure you get the strongest possible signal at all times.

    They know where all the cell towers are. To be connected to any one cell tower means you must be close to it. Add the signal strength data from the 'next best alternative' cell tower to the data from the cell you're connected to, and your location can easily be triangulated to a very high degree of precision. These are just backdoors into tracking your location, they stem from native features of all mobile connectable technology.

    Location tracking

    Most people actually give permission to have their every movement tracked by the more overt methods, but if not, there are plenty of other ways, both overt and covert, they can exploit to track you. They've deliberately created services to mask the tracking beacon in your hands as something useful, vital even. They've ensured that processes are bundled so they run together - if you turn them off, youd be as well using an old Nokia non-smartfone, cos no features will work.

    Even then, they can monitor our every movement in ways that are not optional. For example, did you know that android automatically records and reports back which floor of a building you are on at any given moment? That's again a core part of Android. As is the monitoring of your speed and heading whenever you travel anywhere, and the type of transport you're using, and if you're on public transport, who is around you at that time.

    Build location-aware apps | Android Developers

    They can simply work out who all your friends are, who you work with.. You can also turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning, if you want to make it harder for apps and services to pinpoint your exact location. Within the Google Maps Timeline , click on the gear icon to pull up your settings.

    How to Track Exact Location of any Mobile using Android - Termux Tutorial -

    Here, you can turn off Location Services device-wide. You can also ask to be prompted the next time an app wants to figure out where you are, so you can decide then. Finally, head back to the primary Location Services screen and scroll down to System Services at the very bottom of the app list.