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Even no update icon in the phone's settings. Its really nice phone but no support for it, for example I'm suffering to keep apps working in the background,,Whatsapp keeps freezing until i open the screen and the app. They stuck on the corner with no control of them like Google Map i need to move it on the screen as i want but that's impossible. I had changed settings in Battery optimization and Picture in picture but no result at all. To the best of our knowledge, this phone is only officially for sale in China. It is not intended for use elsewhere, and we're not familiar with what software it should have, etc.

Unfortunately, we're not able to support it. We never recommend buying a phone from one region for ongoing use in another. The technology may not be right for your region and the phone will not be able to receive official service in or out of warranty in most cases. These phones from China may have additional issues.

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For example, if they are flashed with software so that they can be used outside of China, they will not receive software updates. Thanks for your input on this. We however bought this device the Lenovo Z5 knowing that there are some risks involved. However, from your vast behind-the-scenes knowledge and experience, if you could atleast suggest ideas or fixes to get these notifications to work, it'd be more helpful than suggesting to return the device.

That would obviously my be my last resort. I am facing all the same problems mentioned in the original post. It seems to work for the odd email 1 in 9 mails will actually popup and alert me or the odd whatsapp message..

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Do you have any other ideas or could you point us to an online resource that we may be able to get assitance from? Same issue here no notifications, can't record screen, can't receive light notification, can't set a background wallpaper. I don't know what to do there's not much support should we wait for a software update if so will it be automaticly? It really is not on their priority list to "fix" such cases, where we are using a phone in a market that it's not intended for. It will almost undermine their own processes to do so.

It's mostly up to us to find a work-around.. That's the only reason I created and joined this forum.

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Then again, notifications is one of the biggest components of owning and using a smartphone. If I can't get this to work, may have to ditch this phone that has so little support. Sorry, I'm not a coder and I'm not aware of anything else that would help. The phones sold in China are stripped of a lot of functionality since Google features don't operate there.

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