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Once it is downloaded, launch Facebook Messenger by clicking on the icon in your Start menu, or by finding it on your homepage or in your apps list on your phone. You should also be prompted as to whether you would like to import your contacts from your device into Messenger.

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If allowed, the app will automatically scan your contacts for those who have Messenger so that you can contact them easily. Yes, you can go to the Messenger desktop website at Messenger. You can use this site to access Facebook Messenger on any device. However, you will need a Facebook account to do this.

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Scam calls: How to tell if a call is from BT. How do I download and install Facebook Messenger? By Chas Early. Open the App Store on your device. Tap the Search button at the bottom of the screen. As an alternative, for many phone models, we are able to remotely configure your phone to our data service. Contact a customer service agent with the IMEI number serial number of your non-Consumer Cellular phone to receive the settings via free text message.

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If your cellphone is not remotely configurable, we often have instructions specific to your model of cellphone. We can instruct you over a phone call or we can provide these instructions to you via email.

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  4. If you have an Apple iPhone 4 or newer , manually entering data settings is not required, however you may need to take a couple of steps if data is not working automatically once the phone is activated on Consumer Cellular service. In order for cellular data to work on a non-Consumer Cellular Apple iPhone 4 or newer, follow these steps:. If you have an iPhone 4 or higher and data is not working after taking these steps, please contact customer service for assistance at These phones can then work for cellular data, however picture messaging cannot be configured. Unfortunately, Apple iPhone 3G or older models cannot be configured for data other than that of the original carrier.

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    If you have already made changes to specific people, these changes won't apply. Learn how to change options for specific people.


    You can see previews of links without clicking them. These link previews are provided by Google and are based on info from the websites they to which they link; they might use data. Note : URLs could have personal info, such as your location or banking info, so only share links that you trust. Learn more about how the previews for links are created. When verified SMS is turned on, Google verifies messages from participating businesses. If you want to turn this off, follow these steps:.

    Learn more about how verified SMS works. Google Help.


    Help Centre Community. Change your Messages notifications and settings You can choose whether your device plays sounds, vibrates or sends reminders when you get a message. You can also choose how Messages handles advanced tasks. Learn how to check your Android version.