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A couple of weeks ago, Motorola held an event at its Chicago campus, where the company unveiled the Moto Z3. The Z3 is yet another phone in the company's lineup designed to work with Motorola's accessory approach, the Moto Mod. That last part is important, because the Moto Z3 is the currently the only Motorola device that will work with the newly announced 5G Moto Mod.

By simply attaching what looks like an oversized battery pack, the Moto Z3 will switch over to Verizon's 5G wireless network. The only problem is, the mod -- and the network -- won't be available until next year. So, what's it like to use a phone that's built with last year's hardware with next year's experience in mind?

Motorola somewhat locked itself into a generalized design for the Z line thanks to Moto Mods. The accessories are designed to fit on the back of every Moto Z phone, including the Z3, without the user having to worry about compatibility. Because of that, Motorola can't drastically change the design. However, the company found a way to increase display size and use the increasingly common aspect ratio on the Z3.

Also: What is 5G? Everything you need to know. By moving the fingerprint sensor to the right side of the phone, the display has been increased to 6. Moto Mods released with the first Moto Z still fit and work with the Z3 without issue, as has been the promise all along. The fingerprint sensor sits just below dedicated volume up and down buttons and is easy to find when gripping the phone with either hand. I had to register my left index finger and my right thumb, a weird combination if you ask me, in order to use the reader when naturally holding the phone.

That's right, there isn't a headphone jack on this phone.

There is an adapter in the box, however. Also: 5G mobile: Arriving not with a bang, but a whisper. On the back is a circular camera bump, and the familiar line of gold-colored pins used for the Moto Mod and phone to talk to one another. Outside of the bigger screen and moved fingerprint sensor, the Moto Z3 looks a lot like the Moto Zs before it.

But that was to be expected. Motorola opted to use an older Snapdragon processor in the Moto Z3, instead of the Snapdragon Motorola explained this decision to me as a means to hit a price point.

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Using the latest processor would have upped the end price for customers. Try as I might to fault Motorola here, I just can't. I understand the decision. Even though what appears to be the company's "flagship" device for uses a year-old processor, the overall performance is still smooth and responsive. Apps open without delay and scrolling is stutter free.

On a geeky level, yes, I'm annoyed. But looking through the lens of the consumer, what's the issue? With a 3,mAh battery in the Z3, Motorola touts hour battery life. With added stops, the total drive time was around I started with the Moto Z3 unplugged and percent charged. It wasn't until near the end of the hour eight that I had to connect a charger to the Z3. Also: What 5G wireless devices will do that 4G cannot. In other words, with the screen on at percent brightness, Google Maps constantly updating and moving my location, the Z3 lasted nearly 9 hours. Outside of use as a dedicated navigation device, the Moto Z3 battery offered enough juice to get through a typical hour day for me.

On the back of the Z3, you'll find two megapixel cameras, one of which shoots in monochrome. Using the two cameras you can capture photos with blurry backgrounds, black and white photos, and everything in between. I found the cameras to do a good enough job, but not wow me by any means. It seemed to suffer the most in harsh lighting conditions, be it too much or too little light. All this is to say, there aren't any major hiccups or issues with the Z3's performance.

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But there's also nothing worth calling out as impressive about it either. Don't buy this phone for its 5G promise. Other than a few announced cities and a generalized timeframe of "early ," we have no idea when Verizon will flip the 5G switch. And even when it does, you have to be lucky enough to live in one of the initial launch cities.

Currently, Houston, Los Angeles, and Sacramento have been announced as cities where Verizon will launch its 5G home broadband service, with no mention of a 5G wireless network. What is 5G?

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Everything you need to know about the new wireless revolution. This sucks because I can't carry either around at work. No personal electronic devices are allowed.

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The only way to sync the Fitbit Charge 3 with the app is to use another device, such as, your laptop with the dongle, or an iPad. No personal electronic devices are allowed at work so syncs happen at night. Suddenly it won't sync anymore. Fitbit sucks it sells device without any manual display that product is supportable at limited hand sets.. Now when I try to pair I get a message that "Paring rejected by Zip". This is very frustrating. Mine did the same thing. Now heart rate won't track at all and exercise tracks in one place but not the other.

I'm a heart patient this is a big deal to me. Very frustrating. My Fitbit zip also stopped synching around 2 weeks when I allowed my Moto z3 software to be updated.

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It worked fine before then. I keep on getting the message "pairing rejected by Fitbit zip".

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My Z3 worked fine with my Zip for as long as I have had it. About a year so far. It just stopped working with the Android 9. There is currently a post on this on the fit bit page with over pages of replies since August Android 9. No fix from Fitbit. This is not a Motorola problem. It is a Fitbit problem that their app in not working on the Android 9. As more and more Androids upgrade to 9. I have the same problem too. I have the Fitbit Zip and Moto Z3.

Tried pairing my Fitbit Zip to Bluetooth it's not working.

What kind of camera do you get for less than 100 bucks?

Got the sign saying pairing rejected by zip. Not sure what happened. It works on my laptop, have the app on the laptop and can sync it but phone won't. I have a Moto Z2 Force and was able to make it work. After pairing the phone with other devices, I sometimes had to rest my phone blue tooth adapter to make a good connection to the FitBit.

But it would work eventually with some quirks in notifications, but those aren't important for me.