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How do you access your voicemail messages? Dial from your home phone then follow the instructions to listen to your messages. How do you access your messages when you're not at home? How do you delete messages when your voicemail is full? How do you turn off voicemail?

There are two ways to turn off voicemail, depending on the way your voicemail is set up. Is there any charge for using voicemail? Related quick links.

Setting up and using an eir Mailbox

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How do I set up a personal voicemail greeting? How do I pick up my voicemail messages?

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How do I increase the ringing time before voicemail? How do I switch message alerts on and off? How can I change the voicemail diverts?

Manage incoming messages (delete, save, etc.)

What's a voicemail box number? Not found what you were looking for?

Listen to your voicemail | Rogervoice Help Center

Find information below on setting up and using your mailbox. You must have eir Mailbox set-up to divert voicemail messages to when a call is not answered or the line is busy. Checking your messages from another phone is charged at standard rates. You must have this service activated on your eir account. Live chat with a member of our customer care team online or call us on to activate it.

Following this:. Changing your password means that any messages still in the mailbox will be deleted. Please check these before proceeding.

Listen to Voicemail Messages Over the Phone | BT Cloud Phone

You cannot set your phone to ring for more than 25 seconds 10 rings , or for less the 5 seconds 2 rings. Give us a call on one of our dedicated lines. Check out our social channels on Facebook and Twitter. Setting up and using an eir Mailbox Find information below on setting up and using your mailbox.

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