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These tweaking options, done through the Moto Maker online studio, include two front colors, 18 on the back, and seven accents. Motorola claims that this variety allows for thousands of permutations. There will even be custom wallpaper designs and cases to gussy up your device with.

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And thanks to the plant's Fort Worth location, shoppers who order the gadget can expect it to hit their doorstep within four days. Screen In many respects the Moto X's display is a step down compared with what you get from the latest crop of premium smartphones. These gadgets also flaunt displays with full-HD resolutions 1,x1, pixels , translating into massive views that still manage to offer high pixel densities. By contrast the Moto X's 4. I must stress, though, that unless you've had bionic eye implants or carry a jeweler's loupe, you probably won't pick up on any lack of detail.

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Of course a display's impact isn't based on just resolution, brightness, and color quality. Case in point: the Moto X's screen has an extremely thin bezel that lovingly hugs the front edges of the handset.

Similar to those found on last year's Droid Razr M and the company's newly announced Droids, this helps the Moto X's display appear larger than life and command your attention. Core components Motorola calls the engine that propels the new Moto X its X8 Mobile Computing System, the same electronics under the hood of its new Droids. Claimed to include eight distinct processing cores, the system sure sounds impressive. When you break it all down, though, the X8 essentially is really just a souped-up 1.

To bring the core count up to eight, Motorola also throws in two additional low-power processing centers, one for contextual computing and another for analyzing spoken language. OK, so this may help the Moto X's total "core" tally reach the magic number, but I'm sure I'm not alone in crying foul. When I think of numerous CPU cores, I envision multiple electronic brains of equal power and speed working in unison to tackle every smartphone task. Since not all of the X8's cores are created equal and they are relegated to specific tasks all but two outside of general number-crunching , the Moto X is no true octa-core phone in my book.

That said, its power is nothing to sneeze at, either. The question remains how it'll compare with handsets with faster quad-core Snapdragon chips. Software and interface Given that the Moto X was born of the union between Motorola and Google, I was surprised to learn that it doesn't come with the freshest flavor of Android Jelly Bean version 4.

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Rather, the phone runs Android 4. That said, Motorola has teamed up with Google to add plenty of neat tricks, the most notable of which is contextual computing, which the company refers to as "Touchless Control. That's really a fancy way of saying that the phone runs a low-power microphone in the background with an ear continually trained on your voice. You can also tell the Moto X to set up reminders in your calendar, and initiate calls, texts, and e-mails a la Siri -- except you don't have to press a button.

Aside from these slick voice capabilities, the Moto X's interface essentially remains the same as stock Jelly Bean. There are some slight yet important differences, though.

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The Moto X will softly pulse important notifications and alerts on the screen, even when asleep, as they occur. Motorola says this will help users conserve battery life since the phone won't have to power up the display each time the notification light flashes. Holding your finger on the center of the screen and notification causes the Moto X to display additional details for the alert.

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