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Nokia 9 PureView smartphone is the first to take photos with five cameras

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Nokia 9 back on track for possible late summer 2018 release

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Continues to be the most frequently reported offense, according to figures. This has never really been done on a commercial smartphone before—and for good reason. The Snapdragon in the Nokia 9 allows you to connect up to seven cameras total , but you're only allowed to use two at once.

Nokia 9 PureView Specs

The Nokia 9 camera is not just built on Qualcomm's camera interface, though. With the Light chipset, the Nokia 9 takes five simultaneous pictures—60 megapixels worth of data—and then downmixes them into a megapixel photo with more dynamic range and better light performance than you could get from a single photo. HMD says the five sensors can collect "up to times the amount of light than a single sensor of the same type. Google has a single camera, though, so it's doing "temporal" image stacking—taking several pictures, one after another, several times a second.

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  • Nokia's simultaneous image stacking should have less trouble with moving objects—something Google has needed to account for in its image-processing algorithm. HMD says it can collect up to MP of data which still gets down-mixed to 12MP which would suggest the five 12MP cameras take four shots each, for a total of 20 frames of data. The multi-camera solution also enables some interesting alternative camera modes. Since there's are several monochrome sensors, you can take real black-and-white photos without needing to resort to a filter.

    - For real this time. Maybe.

    In depth mode you can take a "full 12MP depth map" that contains 1, different layers of depth. This all gets bundled up into Google's " GDepth " depth map format and uploaded to Google Photos, where you can adjust depth of field and add bokeh days, weeks, or years after a photo is taken. The multiple layers of depth should result in better depth shots. The Google Pixel's portrait mode only computes for two layers of depth —the subject and the background—so the entire background is evenly blurred.

    That's not how depth of field works though. With 1, different layers of depth instead of two, things that are further away from the camera can be blurred more, and things that are closer can be blurred less. The G is Qualcomm's first chip with an integrated 5G modem, while the offloads 5G and 4G to a separate chip. The integration of as many components as possible into a single SoC is the technical foundation of the modern smartphone, and usually, this approach uses less space and less power, generates less heat, and is cheaper.

    Next year, all of Qualcomm's 5G chips will probably be designed like the G, but this year, that chip is leading the way. Don't get me wrong, 5G is not something anyone should really care about at this point, thanks to the nearly non-existent state of the world's 5G networks.

    Nokia 9 back on track for possible late summer 2018 release

    The other kind of 5G, sub-6GHz, has the potential for a wider rollout, but it hasn't been significantly faster than 4G in real life. Further Reading Millimeter-wave 5G will never scale beyond dense urban areas, T-Mobile says 5G is an easy sales pitch, though, so even if consumers won't see much benefit from it, phone manufacturers are charging ahead with 5G. Qualcomm has made 5G hardware mandatory for every phone with a Snapdragon , even in places with no viable plans to build 5G networks.

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    • Nokia is making some vague claims that this phone has wider 5G compatibility than other devices. As for the other differences between the two chips, the G is a bit slower across the board.