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Inside the Samsung Galaxy M20 is a large mAh battery. There are other phones with big batteries on the market, but in general they are still pretty rare. But the fact that Samsung will take this step also surprised me. Undoubtedly, this is a plus, and a weighty one. In practice, the M20 lasts for two days of use. The active display time was about 6 hours. In general, it seems to me that this is not the limit. I think you can squeeze more, but the test sample prevented me from trying.

But in general you can count on 2 days easily, which is very, very good. But let me remind you that the charging process is carried out through Type-C. The earpiece speaker is good, no issues with the sound quality. The multimedia speaker on the bottom of the smartphone is loud, but not very high quality.

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But in headphones M20 sounds good even by default. Although it can be done this way — effects do work with wireless headsets. The settings are: Dolby Atmos effects, equalizer, Adapt Sound and several other toggle switches. On communication opportunities, I have no serious complaints. Rather, there is only one complaint — there is no dual-band Wi-Fi only How do you like it, Redmi Note 7? Once again, Samsung manages to surprise. From a software point of view, of course, there is something to complain about.

For example — the old version of Android 8. Perhaps … with Samsung Experience 9. But the shell is crammed with all sorts of features. There is your own Game Launcher with some useful options, one-handed control mode, application cloning.

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The navigation buttons can be swapped, there is a kind of gesture control. The latter is peculiar, because in fact they are the same three buttons, but you can swipe up, not tap them. When you select this navigation bar, three marker bars appear on the screen below. If you remove them, which I did, the phone gains full-screen gestures. But you need to get used to it, especially if you switch from any other navigation methods. Samsung Galaxy M20 is the result of a completely new strategy which can ruin those unwilling to adapt to this reality.

Samsung does not kid around: modern design, good screen, adequate hardware, nice cameras and battery life.

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There are cons, as usual. The body is hardly practical, the fingerprint scanner as well as face recognition is slow, and Wi-Fi ac is missing. How can you kill the middle market with one budget phone? Who will buy anything else? Samsung Galaxy M20 sales already speak for themselves. What does the buyer want? The most the modern smartphone can offer for the lowest amount of money. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password?

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  7. Create an account. Sign up. Password recovery. Recover your password. All Laptops Smartphones Tablets Wearables. In mid-February, the famous Xiaomi company announced the tenth, anniversary generation of the flagship Mi lineup.

    How to update Samsung Galaxy M30 and M20 to Android 10 using Odin FlashTool?

    Among the laptops made exclusively for office tasks, there has always been an unwritten law. There is a ThinkPad, and there is everything else Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has become my main smartphone in the last three days. Of course, I continue testing the device and writing its Let's find out what kind of future ASUS has All Headphones Speakers. Our Tronsmart Onyx Neo review of the headset will be uncharacteristically concise for me for one simple reason. Most recently, I tested a similar When I first saw the new Huawei FreeBuds 3 headset, it caught my interest, but did not impress me.

    Later I heard about active Tronsmart is no stranger to the TWS headset market. Previously we reviewed two models from this manufacturer. These were decent devices with good value I don't like in-ear headphones, I love the over-ear ones - in the second case, you do not need to put anything in your All Accessories for PC Hardware. Accessories for PC. Logitech G Lightspeed review. The mouse, which logically should be the heir to the previous G model. But if you own G, Its main features: RGB-backlight, 7.

    We need smooth metal without sharp corners, enough space inside, All E-cigarettes. Not so long ago, the world-famous manufacturer of network equipment TP-Link announced the launch of a new line of home devices called Tapo. Today I will tell you all about another novelty in the field of alternatives to traditional smoking.

    Fingerprint app lock: Here's how to lock apps and files behind your finger

    Or, as these devices are also called, Universal power banks have become an everyday gadget familiar to everyone. They solve the problem of dead batteries, but convenience is always in question But time passes, and progress does All Applications Firmwares Lifehacks. How to remove objects from photos on Android and iOS? So you can basically download the full firmware update One UI 2. Once you have the full stock firmware, you can easily flash it using the Odin FashTools. Though the above method should work wonders, here we are listing the third-party firmware download websites that may help you do it without any hassle.

    Some of the following websites may give you slower download speeds.

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    So a better option is the above method downloading directly from Samsung Servers. In order to flash the latest firmware update onto your M30 or M20 phone, you must backup all the data, apps, photos, videos, media and all storage to PC. This is because the Odin FlashTool we are about to use here will factory reset your phone. Hence, backup. You can later restore the backup onto your new firmware as well. The full stock firmware for Samsung comes in a. TAR file extension weighing over 2 GB in size.

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    In Antutu 3D, it got a score of , points. In practice, the Galaxy M20 proved to be fast and efficient on the draw. It booted up in seconds and getting about is a swift affair without any lag. Apps ran in a swift fashion and browser windows snapped open in seconds. The large PLS TFT display served up excellent colours and detail especially for watching movies and offered fair visibility under daylight conditions.

    If you find the notch irksome, you can optionally disable it in the settings which may be necessary when playing certain games. The sole mono speaker at the base was serviceable if unremarkable with just enough volume and detail for casual listening in a quiet room if aught else.

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    8. You can even tweak the sound to more personalised settings for your left and right ear too if you deign to do so. There is also a pseudo Pro mode that lets you tinker with ISO, white balance and exposure settings. Unfortunately, the wide angle lens only works in auto mode; it is not selectable in Pro mode nor for recording videos which are capped at P. The camera also notably has a Rich Tone mode which works like HDR though you can only set it on auto, on or off in the settings.

      The Galaxy M20 has a selectable wide angle mode. That quirk aside, shot quality on the wide angle lens works best only under brightly illuminated conditions. The front of the Galaxy M20 hosts an 8-MP selfie camera which also has a smattering of virtual stickers to paste on your subject, the obligatory beauty mode and a Live Focus mode that artfully blurs the background while keeping the subject in focus.

      Shots from the front are surprisingly decent with the Live Focus mode generally blurring out the background though it still flubs it on occasion with fine details like hair and it also only works when it detects a face so still life shots of items are not on the cards.