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Turn it off to save your battery. Enable battery saver in Security app:. In MIUI 8 security apps comes with lots of feature including battery saver. Enable battery saver in security saver to get ultimate battery experiences. Automatic Brightness: It is a good choice for adjusting screen brightness. But setting a constant brightness also save battery life. Turn off vibration on press:. Every time you press on phone display it makes vibration. It is obviously power consuming. Turn off vibration on press to prolong battery life. Turn off Wi-Fi:. Turn off Wi-Fi when not needed. It consumes huge battery.

Turn off Sync:. Syncing is also drained battery. Though it is important for apps like email but turn it off when not needed. Turn off excessive vibration:. Vibration kills your battery life. Try to avoid vibration mode. Turn off auto update:. Apps like Google Play store and app store constantly connect to the server to check for the updated app.

This process drains battery fast. Turn off auto update to prolong battery life.

Samsung Galaxy A60 SM-A606Y/DS 6.3" 128GB 6GB RAM Factory Unlocked Smartphone (Black)

Shorten Screen Timeout time:. Screen consumes huge battery. You can save some charge by shortening screen timeout time. Use static wallpaper instead of live wallpaper:. You can save some battery by shortening Use static wallpaper instead of live wallpaper Try to avoid live wallpapers.

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Turn on Airplane Mode in low signal areas. Phone consumes most battery in week signal area. So, turn on airplane mode when the signal is too poor. Keep phone updated:. Updated ROM comes with optimization and bug fixes. So, keep your phone updated to prolong battery life. Turn on Power saver mode:. You can simply swipe the notification bar and turn on the battery saver mode so that the battery usage is optimised. All the Android phones have Google Assistant built in them as a basic feature. It is just like a personal assistant which activates on your voice commands and helps you set alarms, reminders and find stuff on the internet.

You can activate the Google Assistant in 2 ways:. The OnePlus 7T is a better phone than the Samsung Galaxy A60 in terms of specifications but their price difference is very much. What will be the launch price of Samsung Galaxy A50 in India? However, it is not a confirmed price. Does Samsung Galaxy A60 support 4G? Does Samsung Galaxy A60 support 4K video recording? When will Samsung Galaxy A60 launch in India? The Samsung Galaxy A60 is expected to launch in the mid-April What is the built material of Samsung Galaxy A60? Samsung Galaxy A60 comes with full metal framed body.

At the back it comes with a polyurethane plastic panel. In the fron the device comes packed with, 6. The Samsung provides very premium in hand feel for its budget phones also and so is the case with this device. The total weight of the device is grams. In the meantime, do not forget to check all the detailed specifications and other latest update about Samsung Galaxy A60 here.

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We are also tracking leaks for the Galaxy A90 with its notch-less and hole-less display. The Samsung Galaxy A60 will come with a 6. The phone will also have a visually-similar triple rear camera and a rear fingerprint scanner. The phone will be The Samsung Galaxy A70 will have a 6.

The device will measure Samsung has an event scheduled for April 10, The teaser for the event showcases three devices, which are now widely expected to be the aforementioned Galaxy A60, A70 and A That would leave out the Galaxy A80, for which credible information is not yet available. Enter the era of live. With these string of releases, we hope Samsung also looks at solutions to help customers choose the best Galaxy device for them.

The different phones, with different specifications, different price points and different regions of sale have made it difficult for even us to keep track. Unlike Google's service, Samsung will allow you to access a list of calls made from your Samsung Galaxy A60 with which you can see if the person who has your Galaxy A60 has made a call and try to locate the device in that way.

You can also make a call diversion which is very useful not to miss any calls and that the person with the Galaxy A60 can not answer the calls. If you can not recover your Samsung Galaxy A60 we recommend you file a report, for this you will need the purchase invoice. Once the complaint is filed, you can contact your telecommunications company and block the device through IMEI so that it can not be used, this IMEI will be added to a blacklist of devices and if activated in any of the countries that respect this list Black will be communicated to the authorities and automatically blocked so that it can not be used.

Samsung Galaxy A60 is a device with a dimensions of It has a processor 2x 2.

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