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Lastly, it should pack a 4,mAh battery with Quick Charge 4. For the latest tech news and reviews , follow Gadgets on Twitter , Facebook , and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro.

Mi 9T: Panaroma Selfie

More Xiaomi mobiles Xiaomi mobiles price in India. Tasneem Akolawala Email Tasneem When not expelling tech wisdom, Tasneem feeds on good stories that strike on all those emotional chords. She loves road trips, a good laugh, and interesting people. She binges on movies, sitcoms, food, books, and DIY videos. Tech News in Hindi.

More Technology News in Hindi. Special thanks to Xiaomi Malaysia for bringing in the Mi 9T to the Malaysian market at such a fantastic price. To have a smartphone with 3 cameras at the rear is quite difficult — especially for this price. Remember — these 3 cameras are usable.

Xiaomi Mi 9T users: Win a Mi Scooter

You have these 3 usable cameras on the Mi 9T:. With these 3 cameras mean that there is a camera for each occasion.

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Want a beautiful, high-resolution picture of the scenery to print it and hang somewhere in the office or at home? Then use the 48MP camera. Want to fit everyone in the picture? Ultrawide angle.

Xiaomi Mi 9T is basically the Redmi K20 for the European market

The 2x optical zoom is here for you. You can also check out the full album of all the images taken by Billy Cane using the Mi 9T here. This is yet another thing many people are glad. This is 6.

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  • No notch with deep blacks, bright and vibrant colors. For any sort of gaming, we all want the highest resolution with the most beautiful graphics.

    Xiaomi Mi 9 SE review

    With such high demand, we need powerful hardware — and the Mi 9T is able to provide just that. With the new Snapdragon SoC that is fabricated with the 8nm process technology, it packs a whole lot of power. We played lots of games on it and had a great time. The phone is able to handle all the heavy work we throw at it too — heavy websites on Chrome, editing pictures off of Snapseed, saving edited videos.

    Smart Devices

    Everything is done speedily on the Mi 9T. I have a habit of using a few apps at the same time.

    Runners up

    I still have not mentioned the numerous background apps that I have running at the same time. To keep all of these apps running in the background, a lot of RAM is needed.

    2. Battery calibration issues

    I can still run a game and switch between it too if I want to. That means you can also record 4K videos speedily on the Mi 9T. Say goodbye to loading screen in games because this UFS 2.