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And although the keyboard and mouse are universally present and accepted by almost everyone today, 81 percent of intelligent voice assistant users actually believe such traditional input devices will be a thing of the past in only 5 years. Will we miss them?

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There are many other interfaces that will also be replaced by direct interaction and a reliance on connectivity. For example, the advanced internet users in our survey voted self-driving cars as the next tech gadget that people everywhere will eventually buy. Augmented hearing In the near future, we might find that we use wireless earphones all day long and even sleep with them too!

Some accept this change, while others do not; but all might agree that the headphone jack represents an analogue era that we no longer live in.

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This means when consumers are upgrading their phones they also need to upgrade their earphones. And just as people expect new functions in a phone, it turns out that they expect new functions in earphones too. Today, earphones are. We use headphones and earphones to select what we want and do not want to hear. It is therefore not surprising that half. Eternal newbies As many as 30 percent of respondents say new technology makes it impossible to keep their skills up to date.

This means some of us feel like total beginners even when performing everyday routine tasks! For some, this is probably manifested as a feeling of helplessness. In fact, almost half of consumers think technology will make learning even advanced professions much quicker. On the other hand, endeavors to learn and relearn will be a neverending rat race, with 55 percent believing that technological change will accelerate the pace of change in skills needed at work.

Luckily, the internet can also help consumers cope with this new situation. As many as 46 percent say the internet allows them to learn and forget skills at a faster pace than ever before. Generally, we learn skills only at the moment we need them. Already today, almost half say they often just search the internet for how to do things, because they have either forgotten or because there is a new way to do it anyway. Social broadcasting Social media promised user-driven two-way communication, giving voice and power to individual consumers and redressing the balance between senders and receivers.

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However, social media is now being overrun by one-sided broadcasters! Consumers are well aware that social networks are increasingly becoming the scene for standardized broadcast messages that are more designed to spread an opinion than to invite dialogue and reciprocity. Fifty-five percent think influential groups use social networks to broadcast their messages, and a similar number think politicians use social media to spread propaganda. Thirty-nine percent think celebrities pay to get more followers, while as many are getting tired of requests from companies to rate them and like them online.

On the other hand, half of the advanced internet users surveyed say AI would be. The same number of respondents would also like to use AI to verify the truthfulness of. Uncanny communication Machines that mimic human communication can make us feel surprisingly awkward! Leisure society Creating the freedom to engage in leisure may be more important than the need to preserve work!

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Some people. In any case, those who think robots will take over their jobs are. Your photo is a room Our photos are memories we have captured to revisit time and again, but they may be turning into rooms we can freely walk around in! When that memorable moment suddenly happens, the smartphone is with you.

In order to do this, one in two already want a smartphone camera that lets you capture everything around you in 3D.

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Three out of four consumers believe taking photos at events such as weddings or birthdays and revisiting them in VR as if. Streets in the air City streets are getting so crowded that citizens are looking to the skies for relief! The charged future A connected world will require mobile power. Keeping the power flowing will be as critical as maintaining connectivity; if either goes down, instant disruption will ensue! Another aspect is convenience, which could explain why consumers have high expectations of batteries. Fifty-six percent of advanced internet users expect smart battery technology to fundamentally change how we power everything from phones to cars.

The same percentage of respondents also want batteries you can fully charge in minutes, just in case. Consumers have been asking for batteries such as these for years, but now more than 80 percent of respondents believe they will be mainstream in only 5 years.

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One in two even thinks charging batteries using radio signals in the air around us will be commonplace in only three years. It might be the renewed focus on electricity in general, and electric cars in particular, that makes people believe innovation. He spoke to Haider Ali Khan and shared the future roadmap for the both companies in India as how he will create a product differentiation among numerous global and homegrown brands. Excerpts… buying because of the larger trust on the brand. So, talking about both the brands, we have been really been able to tap the larger set of consumers.

Which is the main driver of growth in your portfolio - Moto or Lenovo? Both the brands, like I said, India is such a large market and every price band has a different set of consumers. And both the brands are contributing almost equal part of our business. Which are the key models for Moto that got the maximum traction for you in ? Let me talk about both Lenovo and Motorola. In Motorola there were two clear focus areas one is to build Motorola in combination with Lenovo has.

In the E series the best seller phone this year was Moto E4 Plus and that was targeted largely to the customer with a bigger battery need and that has been a great success. I can say the best-selling phone this year for us has been the E4 Plus. Have you thought of tapping in the potential of budget smartphone segment in India? See, there is a potential in every segment.

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If you break it down from a price point of view while there is a lot of consumers roughly almost, India is a big market and this year it is expected that million units are going to be sold. As per IDC report the sub dollar is the 35 percent of the market and the above dollar is 65 percent.

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That itself is a pretty large opportunity for us. We have been primarily focused on the above dollar. Though we did launch the Moto C series which was just about dollar range. But like I said, our larger success stories which consumers have related to us are the above dollar that is the large E series and the G series and I forgot to. How is one camera smarter than the other? How would the technology shape up the year with respect to smartphones and where does Moto fit into it?

As the industry, Indian market and consumers are maturing. First is the aspiration which is going up which means that more and more consumers are upgrading into the smartphones. The number of upgrade cycles are going up that and people are going to pay a little more.

There are certain trends we are noticing in different price and different trends. One is there is a larger as for higher power on the phone. Since the usage has gone so much, people are consuming data so much the battery runs out for people. So the need for a higher battery or a higher power on the phone is going up.

Greater China exhibited a decline of 11 percent in the third quarter due to. Taking over other computing technologies in a big way, AI has indeed paved the way for a new era of mobile technology to rise, one that promises to make future mobile phones smarter. Dr Sindhu has a Ph. Her Ph. D thesis in conflict resolution in multi-agent systems inspired her to apply the technology in commercial settings.

CogniCor would be a key player in this new market by deploying to enterprises in Asia, Europe and North America in multiple sectors and languages. How do you look at the future of AI beyond smartphones and smart homes?