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But it does not turn off when the battery is filled. The Oppo RX17 Neo has two rear cameras, and one for selfies. And the setup is typical for a phone of this price. You may get a dual camera array on the back, but there is no zoomed or wide-angle view. The secondary camera is a basic 2MP sensor used by the Portrait mode, which shoots photos with software-generated background blurring. Its results are actually pretty convincing in daylight, helped by a fairly high-res 16MP main sensor. The Auto HDR often does a wonderful job of bringing out the cloud detail in bright skies while keeping the foreground bright and punchy.

Some older OLED phones make your photos appear far more vivid on the display than they will appear on your laptop. After transferring them to a color-calibrated MacBook Pro , they look pretty similar. Nice work, Oppo. At dusk and at night, photos take on a vaguer, less punchy appearance as the dynamic range starts to dip and processing dissolves some fine detail.

Many of our night shots were still perfectly usable, though, and retained some detail like brickwork in buildings. Extra modes are largely conventional. And a face-smoothing enhancer that can be used in all kinds of photos, not just selfies. For video, you can shoot at up to 4K resolution 30fps. You can text INFO to to see how long is left on your contract.

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We have 1, upgrade deals currently available. Some of our most popular contracts have no upfront cost - you'll pay nothing for the handset when placing your order and get free delivery. These aren't always the best value, sometimes contributing a small amount upfront can reduce the overall cost of the plan. Our average per month calculation is an easy way to compare these side-by-side. Our Contracts Vs Upgrades guide has further details on the differences between the two types of plan.

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To keep your number when taking out a new contract, just text PAC to from your current SIM - your network will send a text back within 60 seconds with a PAC switching code which is valid for 30 days. When you've received your new phone, follow the instructions in the packaging on what to do with the PAC code.

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Normally there will be a website link with a small form to fill in. The switch will take place the next working day and your old contract will be ended automatically. If you've already completed the minimum term of your old contract you won't be charged for any notice period. You can still switch if you haven't completed your contract, but there may be an early termination fee to pay. The most popular contract length for phones is 24 months and will be suitable for most people. You'll have a fixed allowance of data, minutes and texts over this period and you'll pay the same amount per month.

Although you may find there is a small rise each spring in-line with RPI inflation. However, some networks are offering more flexible 30 and 36 month contracts. With these you're able to adjust your tariff cost up and down each month if you find your usage changing.

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  8. The line rental and device payments are split too, meaning you can pay the device portion off early and upgrade any time you wish. The major networks have all launched their 5G services, but there is currently only limited coverage in some cities. Speed caps may be present on some 5G plans, enabling you to access the 5G network at a lower cost if you don't require the fastest speeds. A 2Mbps limit is fine for browsing, social media and music but not for video. A 10Mbps limit can additionally allow you to stream HD video and for online gaming.

    Uncapped speeds are good for UHD streaming, super-fast app downloads and hotspotting. They're able to do this because they have ongoing bulk order agreements with the networks and are online-only, enabling them to make savings and pass the value onto you. The phone is a brand new UK model unless it's specifically stated to be a "refurbished" deal and the contract you've agreed to will always be with the network themselves - just as if you'd ordered from them in the first place.

    All our partners are well established companies who have received many hundreds of positive reviews on Trustpilot you can read before ordering, so you can buy in confidence. The deals that have the lowest average cost per month often include a manual redemption element. This will involve sending via post or uploading your phone bill from certain months of the contract within a claim window to ensure you're still connected and have kept up with the payments.

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    Please read the individual retailer's terms as the exact months and payment methods can vary. Within a few days of receiving your phone and being connected to the network your first bill will be raised, dated January. In this case your 6th bill will be dated June - you would send this one to the retailer. You then repeat this process in September, December and so on until all the money has been claimed.

    After you choose the colour, storage size and plan with the features that suit you best click the "Get Deal" button on the deal card. You'll be transferred to the retailer's website where you can place your order. Please note that we are a price comparison service - your order is not placed with us, but with the retailer directly. We try to ensure all prices and plan benefits are correct, but please check the full details of the deal you add to the basket before ordering as errors in our data feeds may occassionally occur.

    Oppo RX17 Pro review: Long battery life and super-fast charging

    To help us continue to provide our free service we may earn a commission from our partners if you make a purchase. This doesn't affect the price you pay or the ranking order of our comparison results. If your order hasn't been dispatched yet, then call the customer service number for the retailer - they may be able to help you cancel. If you've already received the phone, you have 14 days after taking delivery to request a return - even if you've opened the packaging and switched it on.

    Some networks may opt to offer even longer evaluation periods to make sure you're fully satisfied with their wireless signal coverage. Phones Oppo RX17 Neo. Oppo RX17 Neo Deals. Chinese smartphone brand Oppo is spreading its wings, having launched devices in several new countries around the world recently, including the U. These are reasons to buy the RX17 Pro, but there are too many reasons not to, and combined with the strong competition, the RX17 Pro a hard sell.

    Soft, warm to the touch, and smooth like satin, the glass back of the Oppo RX17 Pro is glorious, especially in the blue and purple color — called radiant mist — seen here. The prominent camera bump is centrally mounted, and rests on any surface the phone is placed face-up on, risking scratches appearing on the lens cover.

    Around the front is a 6. The phone weighs only grams, which is light for a large, modern device. It disappears in a pocket nicely, and the slim dimensions — 7. Oppo definitely gets the design and in-hand feel right with the RX17 Pro. The Oppo RX17 Pro looks like a phone, rather than newer, ultra-modern devices with pop-up cameras and hole-punch displays. The camera often washes out bright surroundings, even with HDR, instead of making blue skies beautiful. Even without it, the camera struggles with color balance. In a photo of some white flowers, the RX17 Pro emphasized a tiny amount of pink on the petals to the point where the flowers became mostly pink.