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In-ear volume is a little lower than expected. Otherwise it's good.

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Slightly pricey, that's the only reason for 4 stars. Add to cart. Kechaoda K33 Black-Golden. Like other kechaoda phones messages can't be deleted at ones. Tha sky phone is a very good.

Carry your spare number: The perfect secondary phone for your spare phone number. While the S8 is connected with your smartphone, you can handle calls of your smartphones directly from your S8. This can come in really handy for when your smartphone is charging and tethered on a shelf near a wall socket and you are at some distance. Get calls on your smartphone number even after it turns off: If your smartphone battery dies out.

Or you simply don't want to carry your smartphone with you because they don't fit in your gym shorts. The apps judged dangerous are not always malicious.

What you need to know about the WhatsApp flaw that lets hackers spy on you

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Mughal Apps. I complained about all this on Google Play but I haven't gotten a response yet. If any of you know how to prevent this I would appreciate it so much. What is a launcher app anyway? I never had one before and I have no idea why I would need something like this. A launcher is the app that provides your phone's user interface, in particular the home screen and the app draw, The factory default launcher on the Alcatel pixi 4 I had, seems to be an innocuous standard Android launcher, it was the replacement auto updated launcher that causes all the issues "Joy Launcher - Live Wallpaper".

There are two ways to prevent it updating, both done in the Play store app on your phone, run the play store app, then in it either disable automatic updates for all apps from the settings menu , or search for "Joy Launcher" in the play store app, select it being careful NOT to click on the update button, and there should be a three vertically aligned dots near the top right had corner of the screen, they are hidden under the title on mine rotating the phone 90 degrees makes them clearly visible.

The second method is best as play store will warn you if you accidentally click on update for this app.

How to tell if your Android phone has spyware

Show 11 more comments. Alex Niculescu alexniculescu. You can't uninstall this app, as it is the Launcher for your version of Android. It is basically the interface's skin. However you could install another Launcher, like the Google Launcher which is, in my opinion, the best one out there, but there are plenty options in the Play Store so you can choose what you like best and disable this one without it re-initializing every time. Thank you so much. I will down Google Launcher as I have no idea what other launcher is a good one.

Lets hope that this will solve our issues.

Thank you for your time. Thanks Alex. Great explanation. Your solution worked a treat for me. I now also use the Google Launcher too. Am not sure how to uninstall joylauncher and then install google launcher can anyone talk me thru this please, also i dont want to lose any data from my phone if this is possible. Show 8 more comments. Settings - Apps - File Manager or Files - uninstall updates. I was then asked if I wanted to revert to standard Android launcher, clicked yes.

Joy all gone! Not quite sure why, but the Joy thing seems to work via file manager. First time I did this, Joy came back after a few weeks. I've now switched off automatic updates in Playstore, hopefully that will do the trick. Jo Ha. Thank you so much, I think you may have saved me some serious hassle. The Joy Launcher was stopping almost everything!

There is an option to set which default launcher to use. This solves the problem. All right, that finally went through I have no idea why all of you are whining and complaining about this Joy app - I had no idea what it even was but what I do know is for weeks my brand new phone has been messed up by some ultimate GARBAGE entitled "Messenger Home". Just tonight, however, a message popped up inquiring if I preferred Messaging Home or "Joylauncher". I hit the 2nd just to see what would occur. My screen, my apps, etc.

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And if it takes this Joy nonsense to get my phone back to being normal, then so be it. Kanrabat -. I'm very angry about alcatel POP S4- never by a china handy again, big brother is watching and tehrefore performance is slow! Can't get rid of facebook and insta too. I bought a motorola phone now. If you transfer your apps and settings from your alcatel to your new phone, check very carefully to make sure no Alcatel apps get copied across too.

Despite checking and removing several suspect apps from the list, I still managed to get my new phone infected by "File Manager", an innocuous sounding app that turned out to be by Alcatel which screwed up the lock screen and riddled my new phone with ads. I'm minded to factory reset it to make sure it is clean, and to set it up and install apps manually. Mostafizur Rahman. I hate Alcatel onetouch launcher, because it's too much, please let me, how I can uninstall the onetouch launcher.