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T he Government was notified as early as of Huawei's work, but it was not, in its early years, questioned by ministers. However, US security agencies increasingly scrutinised Huawei's global reach. After this report, the UK security services took a deeper role in monitoring Huawei. The role of Huawei has come to the fore in because of the development of 5G technology. This technology is set to significantly boost the speed and capacity of wireless networks and smartphones and will enable advanced new technologies like driverless cars. It is seen as crucial to the UK economy. H uawei is hoping to win a significant chunk of work on the UK's 5G network, working with telecoms providers like O2 or Vodafone.

H owever, the US has called for Huawei to be banned from working on 5G with its allies. Despite years of US warnings, many in the security community remain unconvinced that Huawei poses a significant threat. At the very least, they believe the threat can be managed. According to The Telegraph's revelations , it has been agreed that Huawei will be given some limited access to "non-core" parts of the network. F ollowing the National Security Council's meeting, The Telegraph's political team reported the decision. As a result of the information leak from the sensitive meeting, Sir Mark Sedwill, the Cabinet Secretary and National Security Adviser, led an inquiry into the leak.

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G avin Williamson, the Defence Minister, was accused of being behind the leak and sacked by the Prime Minister. H uawei has repeatedly said it is a private company and denied any wrongdoing. We will never harm any nation or any individual. Huawei has also said it would support international standards and scrutiny of its technology. We are hoping for an understanding where there are no easy answers.

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We are able to open up our doors and sign whatever agreements may be necessary. On the leak inquiry, there have been calls from MPs for a criminal probe in to the leak of information. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Telegraph Technology Intelligence. Huawei: The Chinese telecoms giant Founded in , Huawei is China's biggest private company and is based in the southern technology hub of Shenzhen.

It is also a massive company. What are the concerns around Huawei? The security debate around Huawei is not new, although it has intensified in recent weeks. Why is Huawei accused of being a spying threat? Who owns Huawei? What is Huawei's role in the UK's telecoms network? Here's an Android phone that none of my friends and family have ever heard of, has fast and responsive performance, a long-lasting battery, and costs hundreds less than the best Android phones such as Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 and Google's Pixel 3.

And yes, there's more the View 20 comes with a refreshingly original glass back design that glimmers at different angles and is one of the first phones with a " hole-punch " display instead of a screen with a notch. I didn't have to dig deep to figure out what the View 20 reminded me of: OnePlus. Honor is what OnePlus was a few years ago and the surprisingly good View 20 is the phone with the potential to put the company on the global map and let it stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other mobile giants. The View 20 launched in late , but only in China.

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It's launching in the rest of Asia and Europe throughout But like all Huawei phones fun fact: Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei! I pressed Honor to see if I could nail down a release window, but was told they don't have anything to share.

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I wouldn't rule out a U. I first got to touch the View 20 and examine its "hole-punch" we have to come up with a better name than this; I recommend "mole" display in all of its glory at CES and it immediately lured me in. As one of the first phones with a "hole-punch" Samsung's Galaxy S10 and countless other phones will make this display type a trend this year , I knew I had to try it out. But it wasn't just the display that I wanted to put to the test. I wanted to find out if the Honor's many cutting-edge features — it's powered by Huawei's latest and fastest Kirin chip and the camera has megapixels — lived up to the hype.

After a month in my pocket, I can say the View 20 mostly does. The View 20 has a design that you will either love or hate. I have shown the phone off to many people and nobody has ever felt indifferent. Some people will think the glimmering "V" is too flashy and loud and others will feel it's fun, different, and not the same solid color options other phone makers tend to go with. I'm in the latter boat. Though I love a nice clean and understated design, I can't resist the urge to say I really like what Honor's done for the View The phone's unorthodox pattern is a bold statement.

I felt special letting strangers know I wasn't using the same iPhone as them. Maybe it's a little twisted, but I enjoyed the thought that nobody knew what phone I was using.

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You can cover up the View 20 in a case good luck finding a third-party one , but that kind of defeats the whole point of its aesthetic. This is a phone you really want to show off. I either used the View 20 nude or with the included soft clear case. Not only does the View 20 look stunning, but it also feels like a more expensive phone. A few years ago, I would have been blown away by an Honor phone with such high-quality construction.

Huawei: Is it a security threat and what will be its role in UK 5G?

But Chinese phone makers have become masters at making premium devices and the View 20 is no exception. The phone's metal body and glass back are solid all the way through. You won't find any flexing going on unless you're really trying hard to snap the phone in half. My blue review unit is especially attractive and the chamfered edges and curved glass edges and side make the phone comfortable to hold. It's also great cameras on the back don't prominently protrude like on other phones; it's not flush, but the camera "bumps" are narrow.

Likewise, the metal buttons are clicky and precise. There's a headphone jack on the top of the phone!

Honor 20 Pro vs Huawei P30 Camera Comparison

A physical fingerprint sensor is positioned where it belongs: backside and centered. But the feature you'll spend the most time staring at is the 6. The display dominates the entire front with an There's still a sliver of a "chin" below the screen, but it's tolerable. How the resolution is only 2, x 1, and not higher. And how can I forget about the "hole punch"? On the View 20, the hole sits in the upper left corner of the screen it's supposed to be in the upper right on the Galaxy S10 and scoots the entire status bar to the right. I thought I would have a much stronger opinion on the hole punch, like "this is the end of the notch," but I really don't.

It's a hole inside of the screen, but only instead of being centered towards the top, it's off to the side.

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Does the hole look better than a larger notch? Yes, I think does. Is it noticeably prettier than smaller notches like the teardrop-shaped one on the OnePlus 6T? Not really. Did I stop noticing the hole right away? Almost immediately. In most apps, the notch doesn't really affect the overall experience — it's mostly out of the way or uses up the same row of pixels for the status bar. But you may find some apps that aren't optimized for the cutout so you'll see things like text that's cut off. Games that place buttons in the corners will also be screwy until they're updated.

If there's any downside to a hole-punch cutout compared to a larger notch, it's that there's only room to fit the selfie camera. See, most people bemoan notches because they think it's just an aesthetic design. But actually, no. Large notches like the ones on the iPhone XS and XR and Huawei Mate 20 Pro are so long because they house additional sensors such as a IR sensor and "dot projector" and "flood illuminator" that are needed to enable their more secure 3D-based face recognition systems.

The View 20 has a fast-working face unlock, but because the camera's 2D-based, it's easier to bypass with printed photos like I did with the OnePlus 6. To make a long story short: I expect virtually every Android phone maker to embrace the hole-punch display this year. And if not this year, then in It's either they go with a hole-punch or a motorized camera or slider design.

Hole-punch displays are a big step towards achieving a true "all-glass" screen, but let's be real here: It's basically a notch that's in the corner. Since Honor is owned by Huawei, the View 20 doesn't use a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip like you'd find in other Android phones.

Instead, the View 20 is powered by Huawei's own Kirin chip. Even though it's no Snapdragon, the 7-nanometer Kirin chip is powerful in its own right. Running Geekbench 4 on the View 20, the phone racked up scores that were superior to the Snapdragon On the single-core test, the View 20 scored 3, putting it well ahead of the best Android phones such as the OnePlus 6T McLaren edition and Pixel 3, which scored 2, and 2,, respectively.

The View 20 is also faster than both the 6T and Pixel 3 for multi-core tasks. It scored 9, compared to the 6T's 9, and Pixel 3's 8, Honor's phone is fast and most noticeable when playing really graphics-heavy games like Fortnite and Asphalt 9 , but like all Android phones, it's not even close to the latest iPhones. Unfortunately, like the OnePlus 6T, the View 20 doesn't come with a microSD card slot so what you get is what you're stuck with.