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In the box, you'll find the Meizu M5s on top of course. So there's really no surprises in the box here. There's no doubt about it, when it comes to smartphones in this price range, the Meizu M5s has the best build quality. Most smartphones at this price point are usually made of plastic, or faux metal. But Meizu has opted for a full metal unibody design here on the Meizu M5s which is great to see. On previous Meizu smartphones, they had been using a camera bump, like a lot of other manufacturers, but with the M5s, they opted to make it flush with the back of the device and make it a bit thicker for a larger battery.

Which is something that we definitely do not mind seeing. When it comes to the design here on the M5s, it does resemble other Meizu smartphones, and that's not a bad thing.

MEIZU M6 Note Dual SIM Smartphone 3GB+32GB - Obsidian Black - 2 Year Warranty

On the back you'll see the camera is smack dab in the middle of the device, towards the top. There's also the dual LED flash below it, and you'll see two antenna bands at the top and bottom of the device. Now while it would look even cleaner without these, they do still look fairly minimal. On the right side, you'll find the volume rocker with the power button below it.

The bottom has the speaker on the right side of the micro USB port and the microphone on the left. At the top you'll find the 3.

Meizu Camera Mobile Phones : Latest & New Meizu Camera Mobile Phones List

The Meizu M5s definitely feels great in the hand. It's thick, but not too thick, and despite it being metal it does have a decent amount of grip to it. Now it is still a tad bit slippery, but not as bad as some other metal smartphones on the market right now. With the display being a 5.

There are a few things we'd change about the hardware here, but nothing that's a deal breaker.

While most other smartphones are going USB-C, it would have been great to see Meizu follow along, but again this is not a deal breaker. Otherwise, hardware is pretty impressive when you consider the price point of the M5s. Let's start this section off a bit different than usual.

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I had been using the Meizu M5s for about a week before I started writing this review. I thought that the display was a p panel, before I looked up the specs to start writing this review. So the fact that this is actually a p display is pretty impressive.

Whatsapp spy Meizu M6s

It shows that this display is actually pretty sharp, and looks great, which it does. The color temperature seems to be right on target on the M5s, for those that happen to care about that. Smartphones this cheap typically come with a sub-par digitizer, as many manufacturers think that's an area where they can save some cash. But, the digitizer on the Meizu M5s is actually top notch. For those that unaware, the digitizer is basically what sites below the screen and tells the system that you touched the display and where you touched it. So if you touch your display and nothing happens, it may not be because the phone is slow, but because the digitizer is slow.

Luckily, that's not an issue on the M5s. An octa-core 1. The Meizu M5s has what many would consider a "slow" processor, and that's true. Even though it is crazy to think that a chipset clocked at 1. However, it is fast enough to do most general tasks. If you are browsing through Twitter, Instagram or any of your other favorite apps, it's more than enough.

Where things start to become a problem is actually when it comes to gaming. It can handle some gaming, but not all. Intensive games aren't going to bode well on the M5s, but that is to be expected.

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During our testing, we found that 3GB of RAM was enough to keep apps in memory without having to have them redrawn later on when we opened them. As has been the case for about three years now with other phones, Meizu has placed a fingerprint sensor on the M5s, and it doubles as the physical home button. The fingerprint sensor continues to be lightning quick and accurate, which is no surprise coming from Meizu. Over the years, and the many, many reviews we've done on their products, we've found that their sensors are some of the best in the business, just behind Huawei who has the fastest fingerprint sensors currently.

The sensor unlocks pretty instantly, within a second or two and was very accurate, we only noticed it not recognize our fingerprint a handful of times throughout a week of using the phone. That's pretty incredible when you think about it. Now the fingerprint sensor is part of the home button which is called mTouch.

The home button is actually a back button as well. So you press the button to go home, and touch it to go back. This keeps the front of the M5s and other Meizu smartphones looking nice and clean by having one button instead of a physical button and two more capacitive keys. Definitely cool from a design perspective.

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