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Task Managers let you monitor how apps use memory and processing power and identify problematic applications that are using too many resources. It is optimised for your phone and can distinguish between critical system applications and optional user applications. If you end a critical system app using a third-party Task Manager, you might unintentionally disable key functionality like the ability to make calls.

Motorola Task Manager won't let you affect these critical system applications; it lets you monitor your applications and safely stop or uninstall them. You can configure Motorola Task Manager to send notifications to your status bar if it detects problem apps. You can connect multiple parent units to a single child device simultaneously, so you and your partner can both watch your baby.

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The Dormi app also adjusts the noise levels automatically, so it can detect when your baby is crying and amplify the sound on the parent unit so you can be alerted. Alternatively, you can just press and hold the Listen button in the app to hear your child even if they are not crying. The app has a talkback function, so you can soothe or calm your baby from anywhere in your house.

Importantly, the Dormi app can work in the background, even when your phone screen is off. That way you can save battery life while still being informed if your baby wakes up. Have you got an old Android device sitting in the drawer that you have no use for?

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Not anymore — try using it as the child device with Dormi. We have made the effort to ensure it runs from Android 2. You can also check on your baby from your Mac and even the Apple Watch if you want. The video quality is good and the app offers a talkback option. It can also display a selection of 12 different shapes of animals on the screen to help your baby fall asleep. To see in the dark, the Universal Baby Monitor app offers the option to turn on the flashlight on the baby camera if needed.

The BabyPhone Mobile app comes in multiple versions. The one we recommend works across both Wifi and data plan and requires a monthly subscription if you want to use it fully. The BabyPhone Mobile is very similar to the other apps mentioned above. It offers audio and video feed, a talkback option.

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Of particular notice is the option to play white noises in addition to lullabies. It has a talkback feature of course. You can use Cloud Baby Monitor for up to two babies at the same time with up to two parent units. The audio and video streams are protected with industry-standard encryption.

The Ahgoo baby monitor on iOS is a clean and easy to use app.

The Ahgoo baby monitor app works over your Wifi and 3G connection. It uses an easy to set up QR code system to connect the baby camera with the parent monitor.

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Ease of use comes at the cost of features, however. Which is handy to soothe a baby.

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Onespy is the most popular and mature phone monitoring software solution available with thousands of satisfied subscribers worldwide. You can monitor almost every aspect of phone usage by just installing our software which takes less than 5 minutes. Our easy to use control panel, online customer support and strong bank-level encryption technologies makes Onespy the most reliable solution in the industry for keeping your family safe and employees productive.

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Phone Calls. SMS Messages. More features…. The capability to hear ambient noise around the target device will give you immense phone tracking advantages. All photos saved in phone gallery of your target device are also available at your control panel. ONESPY helped me keeping business phones tamper-free all time of the day even when the employees were at field.

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