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The last app I'd like to recommend is the most impactful app: PanSpy, a professional monitoring solution provider specializing in tracking and monitoring tools for Android smartphone users. With this handy app, you can locate the target Android device and see the location history of it.

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Let's see how it work:. After you activated your account, go back to sign in your account.

How to Find a Lost or Stolen Android Phone

And it will lead you to complete the following setup, click on Next to proceed. After that, you need to download and install an app, so navigate to your OnePlus device, enter the download link on the browser address bar, download and install the app. Open the app and login your PanSpy account you just created, and follow the instructions given to setup the app. All the important permissions need to be enabled, and you can enable your desired optional permissions. Of course, to locate your OnePlus device, the Location service and Location feature must be turned on.

Once you finished all process and started the service, you are allowed to delete the app icon from the screen. If you have doubt on how to setup PanSpy app on OnePlus device, you can view this video tutorial as well. Now turn back to your own device or computer and sign in your account to PanSpy console, click on the Location button on the left of the panel.

You can view the location of your OnePlus device. And it needs some time to upload new data. The console will upload new data automatically every 30 minutes, you can also sync the latest data by clicking the refresh button. And please noted that it won't upload any data if the device has no network. And it will record the all-time location data of your OnePlus device. PanSpy also allows you to view all kinds of data on the target device only if you have enabled PanSpy to access them while setting up the app.

So if you needs to view the data on the target device or you want to monitor the device at real time, you can have a try.

All 3 great apps have been introduced above to help you locate your lost or stolen device. Actually, all of these apps need to be setup first before losing your device, otherwise, it can't help you locate the device. Actually, if your device was stolen by someone which turned off or reset your device immediately, chances are slim that you can get it back.


But if you just forgot it somewhere, then there are chances that you might be able to get your hands back on it. Of course, I wish you won't need to use these apps if possible which means you would never lost your device. But if you setup these apps and take precautions in case of loss. Hope this article helps you. Step 1. Find Cloud service and login your OnePlus account. Step 2. Enable Find my phone feature. Step 3. Locate your OnePlus device. Sign in your Google account on the OnePlus device. Download find my device app. Let's see how it work: 1.

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It is called Stamina mode and it instantly breaks all background processes and all alarms if enabled. Never use Stamina mode if you want your phone to do something useful when you are not actively using it. They had the most aggressive app killers preinstalled on their phones. Nokia on Android O and P kills any background process including sleep tracking or any other sport tracking after 20 minutes if the screen is off. Also when killed all alarms are stopped which renders for example any alarm clock apps useless.

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We have investigated this issue in details. We did even purchase a Nokia 6. The problem only occurs on Nokia devices with Android Pie. Nokia started to bundle a toxic app package: com. This app kills apps in the most brutal way we have seen so far among Android vendors. Whitelisting apps from battery optimizations does not help! Evenwell kills even whitelisted apps. What this non-standard app does is every process gets killed after 20 minutes regardless it is actually supposed to be running and doing a useful job for the user.

Also alarms are not triggered. The aim is apparently to save your battery by rendering tracking apps and other apps that use background processing useless. Moreover even 3rd party user visible alarms alarm clock alarms are not triggering properly on Nokia as foreground services cannot be started from background on Nokia. This is a serious issue unparalleled to any other vendor.

We did not yet find a workaround for this :. For fun investigative read about Evenwell, check out Who is Nokia? On Nokia 1 there is an alternative package that works very similar to what the com.

There is no user-facing control, or whitelist; this Mediatek-developed task killer terminates all background apps without prejudice. Additionally, the setting does not survive a reboot. Syncthing-Fork is one app that has taken this approach. Unfortunately, there are some reports that even this fix does not work. From now on, background apps should work normally and use the standard Android battery optimizations. We do not have any solution for this at the moment UPDATE: in our preliminary tests it seems that force stopping or uninstalling the Power saver app also fixes alarms and starting of foreground services, until the Power saver restarts.

And since the task killer is a system service and not an app, it cannot simply be uninstalled. Fortunately, DuraSpeed does have a hidden kill switch: It watches the setting. Once DuraSpeed stops itself, the phone is cured and all background apps will function normally. However, this workaround does not stick across reboots, so the flag has to be cycled at every boot using an automation app like MacroDroid. First, use adb to grant MacroDroid or your choice of automation app the ability to write to the global settings store:. System Setting: type Global , name setting.

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Run this task and verify there are no errors. If all is well, then DuraSpeed will be immediately disabled, and it will also be disabled on reboot. So even stock Android may kill your app when doing tasks valuable to the user. Especially if users enable Background restrictions for a particular app. Moreover, in Android 6. This attempt to unify various battery saving features across the Android ecosystem fell flat. Doze mode made some background processing scenarios impossible on Android or paradoxically more battery consuming e.

A serious bug in doze mode in Android 6. If users accidentally enable this option it will break their apps. And users do enable that option! If you see background processing issues, overall it is a good idea to make your app not battery optimized to ensure it gets the freedom it needs to perform in the background. If the app is not yet optimized for Oreo API level it will break their background processing. Starting from Android 6. The phone needs to be sitting idle for an extended period of time before battery optimization takes effect.

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First check your phone settings whether some background processing is not restricted on your device. Look for any vendor-specific battery saver on your device and ideally uninstall if possible, disable if possible. If not, you are left with the option to root your device or uninstall it though adb requires some expert skills though :. Look through the vendor-specific phone settings and search for anything related to battery optimization or background processing.