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The prominent camera bump is centrally mounted, and rests on any surface the phone is placed face-up on, risking scratches appearing on the lens cover. Around the front is a 6. The phone weighs only grams, which is light for a large, modern device. It disappears in a pocket nicely, and the slim dimensions — 7. Oppo definitely gets the design and in-hand feel right with the RX17 Pro.

The Oppo RX17 Pro looks like a phone, rather than newer, ultra-modern devices with pop-up cameras and hole-punch displays. The camera often washes out bright surroundings, even with HDR, instead of making blue skies beautiful. Even without it, the camera struggles with color balance. In a photo of some white flowers, the RX17 Pro emphasized a tiny amount of pink on the petals to the point where the flowers became mostly pink. The selfie camera has megapixels, an artificially intelligent beauty mode, a portrait mode, and some fancy pixel binning technology too.

The portrait mode has trouble with extreme edges like glasses, but does blur the background pleasantly. Oppo gets close to putting a great camera on the back of the RX17 Pro. Android 8. Things would be improved if Color OS was amazing, but many will dislike its style and how different it is from Android on a Pixel phone , or even Android on a Samsung phone. This less than coherent design makes the RX17 Pro look and feel cheap. There are irritations right from the start. Out of the box, notification icons do not show in the notification bar at the top of the screen, for example, and only some show up on the lock screen.

There are also too many pre-installed apps, from different tools including music and video players, plus Opera as the default browser and Aquamail for email, despite both Chrome and Gmail being installed. These are decent, but work differently — a center swipe exits apps, a center swipe-and-hold shows open apps, and a left or right swipe goes back. The Oppo RX17 Pro is not lacking in power, despite not having a headline-grabbing processor inside. The Qualcomm Snapdragon zips along, and although some of the animations feel a little drawn out possibly to cover up some speed issues , it has been a strong everyday performer.

The RX17 Pro is a feisty performer, and it was never too slow for normal use. This is entirely accurate based on our tests.

OPPO RX17 Pro Radiant Mist " GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free - Laptops Direct

Both fingerprint and face unlock security systems are onboard, and the fingerprint sensor sits under the screen. Key Features Operating System Android. Display Size 6. Connectivity Up to 4G. Rear Camera 16 Megapixels. Front Camera 2 Megapixels. Dimensions Weight grams. Talk Time Info unavailable.

Wi-Fi Bluetooth 5. Screen Resolution x Battery Non-removable. Camera Resolution x Water Resistance Not rated. All Deals Recommended. Auto Cashback. Network Direct. More Filters. Overview Costs Details. Get Deal. Vodafone: VeryMe Rewards Programme. Vodafone - 24 Months - 4G. Device Oppo RX17 Neo. Data 24GB - 4G Speed. Minutes Unlimited. Texts Unlimited. Included extras. Vodafone Global Roaming. Vodafone Global Roaming lets you use all your UK allowance of data, minutes and texts in destinations worldwide.

Visit website for details. Vodafone Secure Net. Vodafone Secure Net ensures extra protection on the network against viruses, malware and phishing sites.

Oppo RX17 Pro Review - Dual battery beast

Terms apply. New or upgrading customer who bought a new device or plan have 30 days to try Vodafone's customer service and they can cancel the plan or return the purchase within day period. Customers will pay for what they've used like line rental, Extras, and out-of-plan charges but there are no cancellation fees.

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Vodafone App. The new programme offers customers weekly discounts and giveaways and can be accesed through the MyVodafone App. Vodafone: Trade In. Looking to upgrade or just having a clear out? With Vodafone Trade In you can get discounts, cash or even a new phone by trading in your unwanted, working device. Vodafone: Day Network Satisfaction signal and performance Guarantee. We know it's hard to commit to long contracts. That's why we give you the freedom to put us to the test. If you're not completely happy with our network, come back to us within 14 days of upgrading or joining us and we'll cancel your contract.

We're the only network that lets you try us out. Data 64GB - 4G Speed. Data Caps Data gifting service.

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EE - 24 Months - 4G. Data 2GB - 4G Speed. Free EU Roaming.


EU roaming is included for free in your monthly allowance. You don't pay more to call, text or use your data when you're in Europe. Please check terms and conditions for coverage details and exclusions. Data Caps. It's easy to stay in control of your spending with alerts when you're near the end of your allowance. And it's impossible to go over your data limit thanks to the data cap.

Oppo RX17 Pro review

Data gifting service. EE allows customers to gift data amongst family members with new parental control. Data gifts aren't carried over month-to-month.

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  • Service available on EE mobile post-pay and SIMO plan including mobile broadband tablets and select mobile broadband devices.