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You can now receive notifications on your wrist, play tracks from your phone and take selfies with everyone in the picture. The watch also comes with a range of health and fitness tools to let you keep a check on your health better. Flaunting a trendy and contemporary design, the Alcatel Smartwatch features a 3.

It has a resolution of x pixel and TFT k color display with oleophobic coating for richer detail. The watch retains the classic wristwatch design without compromising on comfort. If you're busy working on an important presentation and you don't have time to check your mobile phone time and again, the Alcatel smartwatch is ideal for you.

Get all important notifications - emails, Facebook and Twitter updates, Whatsapp messages, and more - right on your wrist.

Alcatel One Touch 918N Real-Time GPS Tracking

Thanks to the Alcatel smartwatch you can keep a track of all your daily activities - the number of steps taken, distance walked, heart rate and calories burnt. Your information and updates are stored on a secure website, onetouch FIT website, so you can share and compare your progress with your friends and competitors. Struggling to get the perfect group selfie with your smartphone? The Alcatel smartwatch lets you take group selfies easily. Just line up of your phone's camera and take selfies with a tap on this watch.

With this smart wearable's unique remote control function, you can take control of your smartphone from a distance. Water resistant up to a depth of 1 meter, you can wear this watch everywhere you go. Don't let the rain keep you from checking your important notifications. It has an e-compass so you know which direction you're heading to in case you get lost. Convenient charging is what makes this smartwatch so special. Powered by a mAh battery, this Alcatel smartwatch has a charging port neatly tucked away into its wristband.

Plug it in your laptop or USB charger to charge the watch. The watch comes with Bluetooth 4. It has an operating range of 10 meters. Certified Buyer , Bangalore. Certified Buyer , Vishakhapatnam. Certified Buyer , Chennai.

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Certified Buyer , Trivandrum. Certified Buyer , New Delhi. Certified Buyer , Bengaluru. Certified Buyer , Thanesar. Certified Buyer , Gurgaon. Certified Buyer , Varanasi. Explore Plus. Wearable Smart Devices. Smart Watches. Alcatel Smart Watches. Sporting a sleek, cutting-edge design, the Alcatel Onetouch smartwatch is so much more than just a watch.

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With a vibrant touchscreen for all your notifications and an embedded USB head for easy charging, this wearable smart device lets you go on for hours without having to check your phone. With this smartwatch, you can track the length and quality of your sleep. This watch can be paired with smartphones that run on Android 4. We'll send the device holder a few reminders by text message when it's time to return the phone so you don't forget and won't have any surprises on your bill. Colour : Black. The Alcatel 1 offers an optimized Android experience ready to go out of the box.

You get 2 times more storage so you have enough space for your files while significantly improving performance. The Alcatel 1 is ready to help you do more. It's all for you. All prices and fees are subject to applicable taxes.

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