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We asked, you told us: The Galaxy S10 is a better buy than the LG G8

The Display Is the Speaker. Now, listen to music, make calls, and watch movies in a rich, clear, and powerful multi-media entertainment experience. Hand ID. Convenient smartphone authentication is here with the amazing LG Hand ID—a biometric authentication feature that uses the unique vein and hand patterns of your palm to unlock your phone. But those are just a few of the innovations you can expect. Learn more about the LG G8 specs , reviews , and all of our state-of-the-art mobile devices , phones and accessories and see how LG is making life good.

LG G8 is coming, but the LG V50 isn't far behind with 5G

JavaScript appears to be disabled in your browser. The G8s ThinQ takes advantage of the company's this extraordinary UI, giving users the freedom to experiment. This phone has some really cool features. While one screen displays your latest conversations, the other gives a detailed account of all your recent activity on your phone, whether it is an email that you have opened or a web page that you have visited.

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You can customise the apps that you want to see in your second screen. You can also customise the look of the second screen to pick between a notched look and a bezeled design. Then there is the Eco Playback feature that dims the overall brightness of the phone as you listen to the music. There is also a Comfort View icon that adds a shade of warm to your phone's display for reading during the night time. Apps are bunched together in folders, depending on their functionality.

LG has extended the same cleanliness and orderliness to its Settings apps as well. All the elaborated controls are neatly tucked under their respective sub-sections, which is easy to access and use. This means you can wave your hands in front of the phone to skip a song on it or for answer or rejecting calls.

LG G8 Review: Master of None!

This Z-camera also powers the phone's Hand ID based bio-authentication system. Hand ID, instead of scanning your face or your fingerprint, scans your hand to make a map of the blood vessels spread across the palm. This pattern, just like fingerprint, is unique. But a less secure system is not the only issue with the entire gesture navigation and Hand ID setup.

LG's flagship G8 ThinQ phone returns to all-time-low $ - CNET

The entire system is still raw and is cumbersome to use. The Hand ID works only when hand is placed over the phone in a certain position. You have to literally train your mind to use it properly, and in most cases it takes an awful amount of time to get it right. Same is true for gesture navigation.

You need to use carefully crafted moves to use the gesture navigation and even then there is no guarantee that they will reliably work. The fingerprint sensor and the face unlock system, on the other hand, are reliable and work efficiently.

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The Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset is speedy. You can watch videos, surf through your social media accounts and play games on the phone without the phone giving so much as a nervous hiccup even once. The phone's 3,mAh can reliably last throughout the day for regular use. I used it for checking my emails, listening to music during my hour-long daily commute, reading news articles and browsing through my social media feed and it lasted for an entire day without me having to worry about the battery running out towards the end of the day.

But you do have to recharge every night for the next day's use. The good bit is that it takes just an hour and a half to charge the phone completely.

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But there are better options at this price in the Indian market. A lot has changed since February when this phone was launched. The G8s ThinQ does have a few things going for it. It looks trendy, albeit too shiny. User interface is nice, performance good and battery reliably.

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