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Another plus is that you do not need to jail break the smartphone to install the monitoring app. Spyzie enables you track the location of the target phone. Using the GPS functionality on the smartphone you can pinpoint the location of your kid. You can view their real-time location as well as their movement path or trail. You can also track the target phone using Wi-Fi location.

This features enable you know places where your kid hang out to ensure they are not going to dangerous places.

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This feature can also come handy if the smartphone is stolen. It can help you track and recover stolen a smartphone. Spyzie comes with a geo-fencing feature that enables you create areas of note on the map. You can create both safe zones, but most importantly danger zones. You will receive an alert when your child gets into any of the Geo-fences you created. For example, you can create Geo-fences around bars, brothels, and other dangerous places, that way you will be notified once your child is hanging around such locations. Spyzie enables you view all calls and contacts of the target phone.

With this you can see who your child is speaking with.

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You can see their name, phone numbers, duration, time, and date of call. This will enable you know the people your kid talks to most often. There is even a Clue section where you can see deleted calls. The spy app provides a view on the dashboard where you can find call activities of the subject. You can also view all contacts on another view on the dashboard.

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Usually when people are doing something wrong on their phone they tend to delete it after the fact. That way you will not be able to see what they have done if you check their phone. However, Spyzie logs their phone activities, even the ones they do not want you to see. Spyzie logs deleted calls, deleted messages, deleted videos, and deleted images.

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Deleted activities are marked with red trashcan icon. You can also view deleted messages, deleted photos, and deleted videos on the Clue section. A feature like this will help you know if your child engage in unhealthy behavior like sexting, which can predispose them to cyberbullying. With such a feature, you can also protect your kid from online predators.

Spyzie enables you view messages text and email. This is a good way to checkout the sort of conversations your kid engage in and protect them from people who would insult, devalue, or abuse them. Your kid may be facing a bully in school who could be sending them abusive and insulting messages via SMS, with the app you can identify the danger on time for prompt action. As a parent, worrying about what your kids are doing on social media is normal. With Spyzie, you no longer have to guess, you can monitor their activities across multiple social media apps.

The spy app has a whole section for monitoring social apps on your target phone. All the popular apps can be monitored. You can even track activities on dating apps like Tinder. SnoopSnitch can detect IMSI catchers and warn smartphone users if their devices are giving up their personal information and connecting to them.

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The app scans for signals that indicate a switch from a legitimate tower to a 'stingray', where information may be being collected. The app currently works with Android handsets that have Qualcomm chips inside such as Sony and Samsung Galaxy models. For the latest tech news and reviews , follow Gadgets on Twitter , Facebook , and subscribe to our YouTube channel. How To? Payal Patel droidsavvyy.

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