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On your Honor 8, you can set the alarm to ring as long as 30 mins. When an alarm is set with the stock Clock app, it will sound even if the ringer is off. Just make sure you have the Alarm in silent mode option turned on in the Clock settings and have the alarm volume adjusted to an appropriate loudness in the Sound settings. Sharing a contact is easy, especially using a QR code. View the contact you want to share, and then tap the QR code in the upper right corner to show the QR code. You have many contacts. And, your Honor 8 will help you to group them according to their companies automatically.

If you want to turn your business cards into contacts instantly, use the Scan option in the Contacts app. Whether you need to hide your sexy photos or private videos, you can do so without a 3rd party app. Hit this link for more detailed instructions. When viewing photos in full screen mode, you can swipe left or right on the fingerprint sensor to browse through your photos. Under the Photos tab, if you wish to view more thumbnails on a screen, you can pinch the gallery using 2 fingers to make the thumbnails smaller so that you can fit more thumbnails in a row.

While viewing a photo in Gallery, you can swipe left to view the photos one by one. If you need a faster method, you can pinch the photo using 2 fingers to change it to scrolling mode.

Honor Play 8A Most Common Problems & Issues + Solution Fix - Tips & Tricks

If your phone has the Huawei App store installed, you can turn on the Shake to get app recommendations feature. To enable this feature, follow these steps:. The Messaging app can help to add your signature to every message automatically. You first need to create a signature with the following steps:.

If you want a conversation with your favorite friend to always appear at the top of the message conversation list, just pin it.

You can lock it to prevent such an accident. Do more than just adjusting volume and skipping songs with the headset control by enabling the Smart headset control. Did you know that you can answer calls without touching the screen or even the phone? Follow the steps below to turn on the Answer calls with voice control option. Follow the steps below to combine all calls, either incoming or outgoing for the same person under one record in your call log :.

Here are 2 ways you can quickly silence the ringer. To use speed dial, press and hold the speed dial number 2 — 9 you want to call on the dialpad. This mode increases ringer volume when it detects your phone is in your pocket. The Phone Manager app comes with functions to make your phone run faster and more secure. And, you can create shortcuts for any of the often-used functions. Lowering your screen resolution can help you to save some juice.

No problem. You can use Fingerprint to turn on and unlock the lock screen at the same time. Make your Fingerprint scanner more useful, and use it to access the App Lock.

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Screen pinning allows you to lock your phone to one app which comes in handy when you just want your child to watch Youtube Kids videos but not messing with other apps. You should also turn on Verify lock screen password before unpinning. To pin a screen or lock an app to the screen , tap the Recent apps button, and tap the pin button in the lower right corner of the app thumbnail.

To unpin, long tap the Back button and then enter your lock screen password.

Look and Feel of EMUI 9

Which is fair for quad a Now my question is:. I was wondering whether can I do it with root disabled? For me screen on time is pretty much depends on how you use your device. Data consumes battery more than Wi-Fi, especially in area that offers weak mobile signal. Uninstall any unused apps including the pre-installed apps that let you uninstall.

Honor 8 also comes with the Phone Manager to help you optimise performance and reduce power consumption. In the Battery module of the Phone Manager, you can turn on Power saving mode, select Close apps after screen lock to turn off the switch next to the applications that you do not want to run in the background when the screen is locked.

Reduce the screen resolution by turning on the Low resolution power saving switch. You can also tap Optimise to let your phone check for power consumption, problems and automatically optimise performance, then select View or Optimise to adjust the power settings manually. It offers many themes and lets you personalize the look and feel of the them.

Yes, I managed to change the quick settings panel background to white. There are third party apps such as Glance plus, Always On Amoled and etc.

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Just purchased honor 8 pro emui 5. The phone rings and you only see an icon in the notifications bar. To answer the call you have to press power button and unlock the device, pull-down the notifications drawer and the click answer. Is there any special setup for the most common action? When there is an incoming call, you should see a full screen of incoming call screen with Accept or Reject buttons. Make sure your phone is updated to run the latest software 2. As a last resort, you can backup all your files and data to your computer and then do a factory reset.

Maybe you can send a screenshot to my email ethan webcazine. Hello, I have the honor 8 and whenever I send a text in a group message I recieve the same text in a new thread from my number. I have resorted to blocking my own number but is there any way to fix this? Are you using the pre-installed messaging app? The same thing happens whenever I receive or send a picture.

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This is what happened to me as well, whenever I have my own number in the To field, I will get an additional new message from myself. Hello, I have Honor8 and it automaticly shut down athe excercise app that uses gps due to power management after about an hour after starting the excercise.

In powre manager the app is allowed to run in background. What can I do? Does it give you the same problem if you turn off the Power saving mode? What exercise app are you referring here? Maybe I can give it a try at my end.

Honor 8a FRP Bypass (JAT-LX1) With FRP File and Tool (One Click Latest)

I contacted the developer, and he said, that all Huawei phones have this problem. They said after hour and 15 minutes, the app is forced to shut down. You can then turn on all apps that you would like to close after your screen is locked.