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How to stop your iPhone and apps from tracking you 24/7

Since keeping your phone GPS on for a long time can be quite harmful to your battery life, the app also comes with GPS tracking options to reduce the amount of battery drain. The app works only when both parties have consented to sharing their location. Users are free to stop others from tracking their location at any time. The best part is that this app is free to download on the Play Store.

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One of the Best iPhone Tracking Apps that can help you track your runs and also track activities like cycling, walking, gym workouts, cross training, yoga, and more. The app can also take data from over devices, allowing you to keep all your health data in one place. Users can also use the dedicated Apple Watch app to track their runs in real time. This app is free to download on the App Store and comes with in-app purchases.

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This requires the users to allow permission to track their location, with the ability to revoke permissions at any time. This is an important safety feature here that allows users to block access to malicious people who may know their immediate location.

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Using this app, you can locate fellow users with an astonishing accuracy of only 30 feet, making this a pretty well engineered app overall. So make sure you tinker around with the battery settings to adjust the activity of the GPS on your phone.

Ultra Wideband Tech Means iPhone is Always Tracking You

As far as comprehensive tracking is concerned, users can check for locations from the past 24 hours. You can also choose timeframes to know where the individual was on a particular time of the day. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Coronavirus Live Coverage. Lisa Eadicicco. Apple's Location Services feature enables the company and third-party apps to use your location in order to provide services like transit directions and restaurant recommendations among many others.

In the iPhone's Settings menu, you can view and edit a list of all of the places the iPhone has tracked through Location Services. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Open the 'Settings' menu on your iPhone by tapping the icon on your home screen.

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Choose 'Privacy. Next to the stop you want to delete, tap More Remove stop from day. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Maps app. Under "Location settings," tap Automatically delete Location History.

What happens after you delete some or all Location History If you delete some or all of your Location History, some personalized experiences across Google may be degraded or lost. Open the Google app. At the top right, tap your account photo Manage your Google Account.

If you turn it off, confirm and tap Stop storing location.

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Choose Always. Location History may not be available if: It's not available in your region. You don't meet certain age restrictions.


Your Google Account is through your work, school, or other group. Your administrator might need to make this setting available for you. Background App Refresh allows Location Reporting to work when you're not actively using a Google app. Was this helpful? Yes No.