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The app's appeal isn't just that it lets you speed up and slow down video from 1x to 12x the normal speed, but its fantastic use of software image-stabilization is also a standout. A post shared by raymond wong sourlemons on Aug 23, at am PDT. Many Android smartphones offer this built-in function as well. Android users are out of luck with the official Instagram Hyperlapse app, but there are alternatives like Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile.

EPIC targettoo mashable. A post shared by raymond wong sourlemons on Mar 31, at pm PDT. There are tons of apps that you can use to create short animations and videos that loop. Phhhoto iOS and Android is one of the originals, and unlike other apps, intentionally creates lo-fi "moving pictures. For higher-resolution looping videos, Instagram's official Boomerang app iOS and Android is also really fun to use:. The center image shows some of the editing choices and the last image is shows how precise positioning can make the whole image look more realistic.

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Who says Instagram is all sunsets, symmetrical buildings and selfies? It can also be a place to be silly Giphy Cam , an "incubator of all your worst and best GIF nightmares" as Mashable former chief correspondent Lance Ulanoff called it, is the perfect app to create goofy video posts. Got new shades gifycam gif lol realitydistortion. A post shared by raymond wong sourlemons on Aug 26, at am PDT. The app generates GIFs, but you can import them directly into Instagram as videos and edit them further. While it's a feature-packed photo-editng app that might as well be called "Photoshop for iPhone," the app's Mixer, Painting, Urban, Sketch and Effects tools really make it outstanding, turning photos into creative pieces of art.

City so nice they named it twice. Afterlight 2 is a powerful, iOS only, photo editing solution. Plenty of filters are included along with dedicated color and overlay abilities. This is generally the most reliable way of receiving a login request and should work if the app and account are functioning properly. Note that you should verify that you are connected to a reliable WiFi or cellular connection, as a weak connection can delay a push or can cause you to not receive a push.

If "Allow Notifications" box is already checked, uncheck and then re-check it. This would help narrow whether the carrier is having an issue with the APNs and finding the phone.

A weak connection can result in a delayed push, or not receiving a push at all. Your wireless network must also allow the following ports for proper communication with Apple's servers:. Then scroll down and tap the slider for Wi-Fi Assist.

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If pull-to-refresh does not work:. This occurs because something has happened on the device that has caused the Duo account to be unlinked from our servers.

The portrait mode, regardless of its name, isn't only for taking pictures of people. It's really useful for getting up close to your subject and blurring out everything in the background.

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This is an effect known as "bokeh," or depth of field, and it's an easy way to make your photos look much crisper and more professional. For best results, get close to your subject. This will create maximum blur in the background if that's what you want , and your subject will be nice and focused. And, if you have friends to take pictures of, this is a great way to make them look like an Instagram model without doing much work. So, you've taken your photo, you've framed it properly, and the exposure is just right.

But you're not done yet — now it's time to edit. Adobe offers free Lightroom trials, but you'll need a Creative Cloud subscription for extended use. VSCO is free and has some free filters, but additional filters can be purchased. I prefer Lightroom and I'll walk you through the basics of editing in that app, although the concepts are universal and can be used anywhere.

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I took this photo on the roof of my apartment, and my first step was to crop it a little because I wanted less of the balcony in the frame. If you need to straighten your photo out at all, you can do it with the cropping tool as well. Lightroom even has an auto-straighten feature that will do all the work for you. Next, it's time to work on your light settings.

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  • On the first above image, I only slightly turned the exposure down, since the phone's camera got it pretty spot-on to begin with. Then, for effect, I turned the highlights all the way up. As you can see, the "light" parts of the image have become washed out as you turn the highlights up.

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    If the highlights are blown out in your image, you can try turning the highlights down to make them more visible. The same works with shadows, the dark parts of your image. You can turn them up or down to make them more or less visible. I ended up turning the highlights down pretty far to show the effects of the sunset in the sky, then adjusted the shadows, blacks, and whites to my preference. The third image is the final product of all of these changes. Don't let anyone make fun of you for using filters — they make boring pictures instantly not boring anymore.


    Filters are not just for wannabe-photographers on Instagram, and every photographer tends to edit their images to some extent. What you shouldn't do, however, is just slap a filter on your image and call it a day. Make sure to look through all of the settings and adjust them after applying the filter. I did that process backwards here — generally I would apply the filter and make adjustments after that, but it worked out okay.