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This sections aims to present a small selection of apps which are fitting for starters. By no means can such a list be ever perfect for every individual case. In F-Droid you can find many web browsers for different audiences. Users who prefer lightweight and privacy-aware apps may also want to try Firefox Klar also known as Firefox Focus. K-9 Mail enables its users to add multiple email accounts and offers a wide range of options. It also supports integration with encryption apps like OpenKeychain and is able to read GnuPG encrypted messages.

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The situation of Free Software apps for instant messaging is complicated. Other apps are completely or mostly Free Software but have other antifeatures like dependencies on non-free servers and libraries, or no server federation, for example Signal or Wire.

How to Track a Phone Using Android or iOS

There are several initiatives to make instant messaging as free, secure, decentralised, and user-friendly as possible, and we hope to be able to make clearer recommendations in the future. Plenty of Free Software apps aim to make you enjoy audio and video on your mobile phone. When you are travelling, your mobile phone can be a helper for you.

Transportr knows public transportation networks of countries and cities all over the world.

How to track a phone using Android or iOS

OsmAnd serves detailed offline and online maps of whereever you are right now, and also includes navigation when riding your bicycle or car. F-Droid contains various mobile games for almost any taste. For example puzzlers may enjoy while block sandbox fans can play Minetest in single as well as multiplayer mode. For fans of ! An operating system is a collection of software that enables you to use your phone and run other applications on it.

Even though Android is mostly free , many phones ship with proprietary components and add-ons. Some phones also have a locked boot loader which prevents you from booting and installing other operating systems.

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If you want to buy an Android phone, make sure that the boot loader can be unlocked. On some devices it can only be unlocked with clever hacks and their manufacturers tend to declare your warranty void when you unlock their device's boot loader. There are also companies that ship their devices with an unlocked bootloader or provide you with the means to unlock it. Besides that, it is a good idea to check if there are free versions of Android supporting the device.

Since it does not use any non-free drivers, it currently works on a limited number of devices.

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We ask you to help Replicant extend its support to more devices. You can contribute code , and donate devices to the Replicant team for testing purposes. Phones with pre-installed Replicant are available from Tehnoetic that donates part of the profits back to the Replicant initiative. LineageOS is a version of Android which you can use without a Google account. Even though it is usually more free than the software your device comes with, freedom is not its main objective.

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  • While LineageOS works on most Android devices , it makes use of non-free device drivers and firmware which are fetched from a device and included in the ROM. LineageOS is the most popular fork of the discontinued CyanogenMod project.

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    Nico Poggi is Prey's growth and mobile research manager at Prey Inc, exploring innovations, and the evolution of the security and privacy landscape. Nico also serves as the brand's curator, overseeing the company's voice across its platform and communications. Every bit of sensible information and access now fits in the palm of our hands, inside our smartphones.

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    Learn how to mitigate the risk that mobiles carry with them as attackers turn to target them. Two things grow exponentially each year: the number of mobile gadgets sold and the vulnerabilities that appear on them! Know why the responsibility of securing a child's phone should fall in their hands to safeguard their privacy as they grow, and how this can make for an excellent opportunity to teach them online security. Every phone is a potential open door for hackers to steal information.

    The key to having a worry-less trip is Worrying a bit beforehand! Prepare yourself for your trip with four must-cover tips on how to keep your mobile, and its data, safe while travelling around the world.

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    There's countless opportunities to have your phone hacked. From adware, to malicious apps, learn how to identify suspicious behaviours and counter them. We have Cookies. Security How to Track and Locate an Android Phone Without Tracking Software Has your mobile device gone missing and you forgot to install a security software to track it?

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    Listen to the story of a user who caught a thief with his Mac at a cafe! Dramatized from original. Brand-made tracking systems Some mobile manufacturers have developed their own tracking software to track the location of their phones.