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It needs more phones like the A It's like an S10 but at a much more affordable price. We like the attractive design which is waterproof and lightweight.

Samsung is bringing the $ Galaxy A50 to the US | Ars Technica

You then get some amazing hardware and features for your money inlcuding a really nice screen, decent cameras and GB of storage. It's not all plain sailing though, as the fingerprint scanner isn't very reliable and performance can be sluggish at times. So there are better mid-range phones around this price or a little bit more if you heart isn't set on Samsung. While the Galaxy A50's camera won't dazzle you like the Pixel 3a's, the Galaxy A50 is still an excellent value with a class-leading display.

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We just wish it was available from more carriers. It has a nice design, a very solid screen, and a solid camera. It brings enough to the table where non-subscribers might even consider switching. This is one of the best mid-rangers Samsung has produced in years and I would have no qualms recommending it to all but the most demanding users. Samsung Galaxy A50 Review: Best value-for-money from Samsung's new mid-range category Source: Tech Nave Looking at the past models of Samsung's mid-range mobile phones, I found them to have a slightly lower price to performance ratio.

This has changed with the new Samsung Galaxy A Samsung overhauled its smartphone strategy at the mid-range price point in order to appeal more to millennials by bringing in cutting-edge features. As promised the company launched Galaxy A50 with an in-display fingerprint scanner, triple rear cameras and a huge battery. Samsung Galaxy A50 review: Hands-on Source: Tech Advisor The Galaxy A50 looks like it has a decent amount of potential to compete in the tough mid-range market and hits a very attractive price point.

There are also some excellent core specs here. Source: Manila Shaker With its premium design, Samsung Galaxy A50 was able to impress its take on the design and build. Lightweight in hand, this device feels like a flagship phone. Camera performance is just average despite having a larger sensor and triple-rear camera set up. On the other hand, over-all performance in gaming and multi-tasking is a bit above what we expected.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Is a Bargain Smartphone With Great Features

In Europe and the rest of the world, the price delta between the two is bigger: the A50 costs euro in Europe, while the A30 sells for just around euro. The still images, while not impressive in detail, are of high-resolution and dependable to get the scene right no matter the available light and weather conditions. The p videos are impressive, too. It is a perfect device for mid-range users plus its size is also very satisfactory for the game and social media lovers.

Software Update for Samsung A50 (2019)

If you are looking for a good midrange device of Samsung then Samsung Galaxy A50 is a perfect choice for you. Samsung Galaxy A50 hands on review Source: Techradar The Samsung Galaxy A50 is a big and bold device, which was very quick to navigate and use, but we're yet to be convinced by its camera capabilities.

The camera is fairly good, however, the in-display fingerprint reader is a tad slow, however, this may get resolved in the coming updates. At this price point, the Samsung Galaxy A50 looks like a good buy at the moment. This phone does not get in the way or bother you with extended permissions, and it definitely does not pop up advertisements. For me, and I would imagine a significant number of users, this is a pretty big incentive.

The Prism-style gradient finish gives a pretty cool look, while the display is another plus point. The new user interface comes with its share of hits and misses and the camera performance is a mixed bag one. Overall, if you are a Samsung loyalist then this phone might excite, else you can consider Xiaomi Poco F1, Nokia 8. Samsung Galaxy A30 and A50 arrive in Malaysia Source: Hitech Century Both phones also come with a generously sized 4,mAh battery paired up with 15W fast charging and a bundled fast charger as well.

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Both phones are now available at all authorised retailers nationwide and all Samsung Experiencr stores and the Samsung Online Store. It has an on-screen fingerprint scanner, gorgeous AMOLED display, and an impressive design that makes it a worthy challenger.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is a recommended buy if you are looking for a midrange phone with an all-rounder package. That's obviously the better choice of phone if you're a gamer or want the smoothest possible experience, but it doesn't have three rear cameras or a modern all-screen design. The camera seems to be promising, while the performance and battery are to be tested out. As for the competition is concerned, the smartphone will face stiff competition from the Vivo V11 Pro, Nokia 8.

Samsung Galaxy A50 review: Hands-on Source: Tech Advisor There's lots of things that need testing out in the real world but the Galaxy A50 has the potential to be a great mid-range smartphone. It's got Galaxy Sesque features like a triple rear camera and embedded fingerprint scanner but without the high price tag. Hands on: Samsung Galaxy A50 review Source: Techradar The Samsung Galaxy A50 is a big and bold device, which was very quick to navigate and use, but we're yet to be convinced by its camera capabilities.

So, hopefully, the Tab S5e stops by the office at some point. We're also kind interested to see how Samsung's new phone sync feature works. The new naming convention aside, they offer a nice mix of features at what will undoubtedly be a relatively affordable price. The Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A30 will go on sale in mid-March with India most likely being the first country to get them. The sheer amount of localized content on the devices on display here suggest that much.

Negative: Inflexible fingerprint sensor; unsupported waterproof; no wireless charging; mediocre speakers. Negative: Unstable device. Source: Android. Negative: Inflexible fingerprint sensor. Samsung Galaxy A50 okostelefon teszt Source: Geeks. It even has the fastest and best in-display fingerprint scanner currently available, which is as good as the best dedicated capacitive sensors, good haptics and dual-sim support for having two mobile phone network connections at the same time. A great 90Hz screen, excellent software and the best performance, in-display fingerprint scanner and a good camera mean you have to spend significantly more to get a better phone than this.

Full review: OnePlus 7T review: the new cut-price flagship king. Smartphones are rated by screen size measured on the diagonal in inches. The bigger the number the larger the phone, but different phones use different ratios of height to width. How easy it is to handle comes down to the width of the phone and its weight. The narrower and lighter it is, the easier it is to hold in one hand and the less likely you are to drop it. What is commonly called the processor in a phone is actually a system-on-a-chip combining the processor, graphics and other essential systems into one. Generally the newer the processor the more powerful and battery efficient it will be.

Samsung, Huawei and Apple make their own, while Qualcomm is the largest supplier to other brands at the high end, with its Snapdragon 8-series range at the top. The RAM memory is where your apps and processes are stored when in use, so the you more your phone has the better, up to a point. Different from memory, storage is where everything is stored on the phone, including apps and media.

While a few phones can have their storage expanded with microSD cards, most cannot. That means you should aim for 64GB of storage at a minimum, but more if you want to store lots of photos. Cloud services such as Spotify or Google's Photos can help offload your music, photos or videos to the internet. Keeping your phone secure from hackers is essential, which makes software updates critical to patch bugs and security holes, as well as adding new features and improving things such as battery life and the camera.

Not all phones receive regular updates. Apple's support of older phones is the best in the business of around 5 years, followed by Samsung and Google's three years, both from when the phone was released - not when you buy it.

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Battery life varies drastically between devices, and "all-day battery" often doesn't mean 24 hours between charges. Some may not last long enough, particularly if you're out in the evening. Battery life gets worse as the battery ages too, so a two-day battery will likely make sure the phone lasts at least a day two years later.

Cameras are the current battleground between the big players, but the margins between them are slimming. Most use computational photography that combines hardware with advanced software algorithms, typically allowing multiple cameras to combine to make one image.

As such the camera software makes as much difference as the hardware, and is one of the few areas that actually improves over time with updates. Multi-camera systems often offer more, such as useful zooms, portrait modes and better low-light performance, but they are not all created equally. There are also 3D cameras, which can detect facial expressions and other fun tricks. The number of megapixels MP also makes a difference. Having more MP doesn't necessarily equal a better image, but modern smartphone cameras combine multiple pixels to improve image quality producing 12MP shots from 48MP sensors, for example.

It has slightly battery life too, but is missing the excellent ultra-wide angle camera, has a slightly larger, but worse screen. The iPhone 11 certainly holds its own for the money, but the iPhone 11 Pro still the one to buy if you want the best iPhone. Full review: iPhone 11 review: an iPhone XR with a better camera.