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Offers a fresh, fast platform to help you stay connected and productive while you're on the go. Provides fast Web connection for downloading apps, streaming content and staying connected with social media. Xiaomi Mi A3 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile platform that includes an octa-core processor. Xiaomi introduces Game Turbo, which is able to predict gaming scenes and intelligently allocate resources for complicated scenes to avoid lag.

Xiaomi Mi A3 is equipped with 6. Store and play your MP3 files on your phone.

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Technical data of the Xiaomi Mi A3

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Xiaomi Mi A3

My Cart 0 Place your promotion here. Search Search:. A deviation from the reference line indicates a deviation from the ideal situation. To see good sound at all frequencies, it is therefore necessary to get as close as possible to the reference line. The Xiaomi Mi A3 offers a very similar performance to the Redmi Note 7 except on low frequencies where the Mi A3 is closest to the standard.

Overall the Mi A3 offers good reproduction of all frequencies, it is quite close to the reference, it deviates a little in the low frequencies and in the high frequencies but these frequencies are most of the time imperceptible for the human ear. Here too, the white curve is used as a reference and therefore the phones must be as close as possible to it. The Mi A3 offers good performance from in the low frequencies and joins the Redmi Note 6 for higher frequencies. Both devices are quite far from the standard but this is the case for all devices.

The Mi A3 offers a slightly above-average performance with some differences in high frequencies. Noise Level This test aims to identify whether the device under test is capable of reproducing sounds without too much noise. A high score indicates a low parasite rate, a lower score indicates a higher presence of parasites. The Mi A3 has a good sound reproduction without noise, it even comes very close to the reference from 1khz.

It achieves a slightly higher performance here than the Redmi Note 7. The Xiaomi Mi A3 offers a good overall sound performance, it ranks a little above average. The Xiaomi Mi A3 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU that should deliver performance equal to or even better than the Redmi Note 7 but this is not reflected in the Antutu performance score where I get points while the Redmi Note 7 goes a little over , points.

In this price range, the Meizu Note 9 has the highest score with almost , points. It is especially in terms of memory performance that the Mi A3 stands out from the other Xiaomi. This confirms that the Mi A3 should not be purchased for performance. Should that stop you from buying it?

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With this level of performance, the phone is perfectly smooth to use. A priori, this is not normal but the explanation is very simple. The Mi A3 has a p display, so the phone must manage significantly fewer pixels than a p device. This allows the Xiaomi Mi A3 to offer a high level of graphics and good in-game performance. All the manufacturers rushed into the race to get as many pixels on a screen as possible, but in the end, I wonder what good it would do.

Yes I see a difference between a Samsung 4k screen and the Xiaomi p screen but on a screen of this size, the difference is not very important. The Xiaomi Mi A3 may not be a performance benchmark, but the choice of the p allows it to achieve a higher level of graphics than most other devices in this price range. Sony sensors are generally used in high-end phones, Samsung sensors are more often found in this price range.

Which one is the best? In theory the Sony sensor gives better results but it all depends on the processing in the phone.

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The camera offers the following modes: short video, video, photo, portrait, night, panorama, pro. Each mode has its options such as HDR for photos. The Mi A3 offers a little less possibilities than the other Xiaomi models, but this should not affect you. It is possible to select the rear sensor directly on the screen, so you can switch from one sensor to another with a single click. The 48 million pixel mode is accessible in automatic mode while it was reserved for pro mode on some devices. The first observation is the same as with many devices I have tested, the level of brightness is not high enough.

The studio is properly lit to obtain a white and uniform light, I find here the same lack of brightness as on many other devices. The depth of field is quite limited but in the sharpness area, the sharpness is very good, we can clearly see the small dust that has settled on the hood of the police car. The colors are also correct while often I get colors too saturated in the studio. If I take the same picture with the x2 zoom, I get this.


I see that the camera uses the same focal length as for normal vision. It is either a bug or a digital zoom compared to normal view. To be absolutely sure I hid the middle sensor with my finger and I can see that for normal view and zoom, only the central sensor is used. The 1. The angle is huge, it will allow you to capture objects close up without having to move away. The depth of field is a little more important than on the basic optics. The software processing layer probably plays a role here. Outdoor photography sun I took advantage of a circuit in Scotland to test the Xiaomi Mi A3 camera and after taking a few hundred photos, I can now form a clearer opinion of the quality of the sensor.

When I started taking pictures, I had the impression that they were all under-exposed because they looked very dark on the screen. In fact, it was the backlighting that gave me this bad impression because the photos are not under-exposed. The backlighting does not give the photo its full potential. Under good conditions, the camera does quite well.

Depending on the use of HDR or AI mode, the results can vary quite widely and unfortunately not always in the right direction. HDR has the advantage of smoothing out differences in brightness when there is a big difference between sky and ground but it sometimes exaggerates the treatment, clouds are sometimes too contrasting. I tested it because it had to be done, but on all the devices I have tested so far, I have always had to disable this mode because it gives too unpredictable results.

With or without processing, the photos produced by the Sony sensor are slightly too hot and lack a little saturation. I found the same thing with the Sony sensor on the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite. These small defects can be fixed in the photo application using a filter or the basic editing tool. When conditions are good, the Xiaomi Mi A3 is able to produce good photos. The Samsung is better in all conditions but the opposite would not have been normal. Outdoor photo cloudy When the sun is shy, the differences in brightness increase and we often obtain photos that are too dark.

In automatic mode, the Xiaomi Mi A3 does well when there are large differences in brightness, but as with photos under the sun, the color temperature is too hot and can spoil some photos if the brightness is too low. The HDR sometimes saves the situation, the night mode can also be useful in broad daylight to force the recomposition of a photo from several photos taken at different exposures.