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Parents can avail software's location tracking feature to track the current location of their kid and check the path of the journey. The Geo-Fencing alert feature sends an alert to the parents when their kid accidentally enters a restricted area. The TiSpy's geofence feature allows parents to set boundaries for their kid. This feature sends an immediate alert if children leave or enter a geofenced area. The prominent feature of the TiSPY software is its surveillance. It captures lives activity on the host smartphone and records both audio, video. The recorded media files get stored on the user's dashboard.

The software also comes along with an anti-theft feature which alarms an environment by ringing loudly. The anti-theft feature of the parental software will not cease even if the phone is unlocked. The all-in-one scheduler is another dominating feature of this software.

Parents can avail this feature to schedule a pre-planned photo capture. The all-in-one scheduler can be used to schedule all the features of the smartphone. The records get saved on the user's dashboard when the host smartphone has the internet connectivity. The installation process of the TiSPY software is a piece of cake. The parental monitoring software has to be installed on your kid's smartphone. The parent needs to sign up with a valid E-mail address and confirm it. Once the confirmation is authentic, parents can monitor their kid's smartphone activity remotely on their smartphone.

Children have more technical knowledge than their parents. The latest smartphones have features that children avail for their enjoyment. They browse the internet all day and download their desired content. Mobile games are dominating their free time to play and explore the world. The content what they watch on YouTube is manipulating their minds. The online world has click baits to trap a potential genius.

Where there is no security for adults in the Cyberworld, children surf courageously online. The social life what children live on the internet is a virtual world which lowers self-esteem. A majority of teenagers use social media platforms and come across strangers who might be a threat to your kid. Teenagers also get addicted to pornography which could change their perspective towards a relationship and affect their thinking with unusual thoughts. A tech geek may get away after watching a pornographic movie and parents would never know.

In the smarter world, children have not left a hint for their parents to understand the technical world. Enlarged camera sensors for brighter and clearer low-light photography. Super Portrait mode photographs with multiple layers of bokeh background blur.

Facial recognition and in-screen fingerprint sensor biometric security. Facial recognition and in-screen fingerprint scanner biometric security.

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Huawei is still prohibited from buying American-made hardware and software to make new products without further, hard-to-obtain licenses. Monday's temporary license is likely to allow companies such as Google to continue providing service and support, including software updates or patches, to Huawei smartphones that were available to the public on or before May US tech stocks rose on Tuesday on news of the grace period.

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Chipmakers rallied, with Qualcomm gaining 2. The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite was up 1. Google shares were up 0. In Europe, the tech sector rose 1. Huawei released the P30 above in March, though the phones cannot be bought in the US officially. Some American smartphone junkies have acquired unlocked handsets online.

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A five-day view of Google's share prices shows the price rebounding in Tuesday trading. The US government is alleging Chinese tech company Huawei went so far as to steal a robot's arm in its bid to get its hands on T-Mobile's trade secrets. The Justice Department unveiled a count grand jury indictment in Seattle in a case that centers on a T-Mobile phone-testing robot named 'Tappy. It says Huawei engineers secretly took photos of the robot, measured it and tried to steal part of it from T-Mobile's lab, according to prosecutors.

T-Mobile declined to comment. It's separate from a count case that accuses Huawei of misleading banks about the company's business and violating US sanctions. Huawei is China's first global technology competitor and one of the world's biggest cellphone companies and makers of telecommunications parts.

It has rejected accusations that it is controlled by China's ruling party and might facilitate spying. But the T-Mobile case portrays a company going to illegal lengths to gain access to others' intellectual property. Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei on Tuesday told Chinese state media that the reprieve bore little meaning for the company as it had been making preparations for such a scenario. Chip experts have called out Huawei on its claims that it could ensure a steady supply chain without U.

Nearly 16 percent of Huawei's spending on components in went to U. Beijing has struck an increasingly defiant tone as the trade war has escalated, saying it will take measures to safeguard the interests of its companies, but has not said whether or how it may retaliate over the U. President Xi Jinping's Monday visit to a rare-earth company in southern China sparked speculation that the sector could be the next front in the trade war, driving up shares in Chinese rare-earth related firms on Tuesday. Huawei is currently on the receiving end of a U.

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Huawei has pleaded not guilty. The trade blacklist has added to its woes, following which Alphabet Inc's Google suspended some business with Huawei, Reuters reported on Sunday citing a person familiar with the matter, raising worries about the Chinese firm's smartphones that run on Google's Android operating system. The license also allows Huawei to engage in the development of standards for fifth-generation 5G telecom networks. Washington has tried to persuade U.

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  • Australia, Taiwan and some other governments have imposed curbs on use of Huawei technology, but Germany, France and other countries still do business with the company. China could retaliate against America for its treatment of Huawei in a number of devastating ways - the most likely would be to targeting US companies that do business in the region, such as Apple. Greater China ranks third among the regions that generate the most revenue for the company, behind the US and Europe.

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    Additionally, the majority of Apple's supply chain consists of Chinese companies that manufacture key components like sensors, OLED displays and other parts used in the iPhone. If Apple can't rely on Chinese manufacturers, it may be forced to move to suppliers in the US or elsewhere, which could result in an increase in iPhone prices. Additionally, some Chinese consumers have already latched onto a growing 'Boycott Apple' movement in retaliation, which means Apple may suffer lasting damage to its brand in the region as a result of the Huawei ban.

    Apple isn't the only US firm that's likely to feel an impact. Tech companies that rely on Huawei as a major will also be hurt. Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm Broadcom and Micron provide components or services that are used in Huawei products, while Corning glass and Dolby speakers are used in Huawei phones.

    Existing and new Huawei phones will be hurt the most when it comes to security updates.

    Should anyone buy a Huawei or Honor phone?

    These devices will no longer be able to access over-the-air security updates supplied by Android, as well as new software versions, like Google's upcoming Android Q. But Huawei devices will be forced to use the open source version of Android, which means the firm will learn of security updates the day they're issued and, as a result, will have to ship them out to users manually.

    This could leave Huawei devices vulnerable to attacks or other security flaws in the time that it takes to download new security updates. Huawei would also be left out of future Android software updates. Since it's using an open source version, it can't legally market its phones as being Android devices.

    The ban will most likely affect Huawei's line of Mate laptops as well. Huawei's computer business relies heavily on chips made by Intel, Qualcomm and others, as well as Microsoft's Windows operating system.